During the Victorian Era, fashion and fancy dress costumes made their own mark and were quite famous and popular among the women of that period. Even the television shows in the present times related to the period dramas correspond to these dresses. They have not just impacted the women of that particular area but the other surrounding nations too because of its different and sophisticated styling. Hats or rather big hats gave way to the bonnets and other stylish dresses which were at their peak and contributed a lot to the dressing style of the people, especially the women. In fact, these are still being talked about and studied by the students of fashion to enhance their dressing style and fashion skills.


The Ann DeWitt Civil War states that women in the Victorian Era were quite fashion conscious and had a great sense of their own. They use to mix and match dresses and other accessories to make a style statement of their own. Not just the gowns, but the skirts and other kinds of clothing too came in varied forms and accepted by the people all over the world for the fashion they use to depict at that point of time. Petticoats became an important part of clothing and worn in different styles – under the dresses or over the dresses depending on the layers and the prevalent fashion. Morning and evening dresses were completely different from each other and flaunted various types of sleeves, necklines and hemlines making a style statement even in the Victorian Era.

Formal and informal clothing again was very different from one another during the Victorian Era. Some of them being unique or becoming the fancy of the eye thus deserving a special mention and attracting the attention of all types of women barring any particular class or section. Their jewelry spoke a lot and cannot be imitated even today in the present times. They were definitely great works of art and exquisite masterpieces in their own sense. From the very beginning, women love to show off their jewelry to others and will keep on doing so till the very end even in the present times. There are some shops which cater to this Victorian Era jewelry in the current times to meet the unique taste of today’s women at very reasonable prices that one can afford very easily.

The Ann DeWitt Civil War talked about the likes and dislikes of the women during the Victorian Era. These women had a typical fancy for various kinds of clothings and different kinds of sets as part of the jewelry. In fact no one can match their style, come up to their taste and make the best choice out of the lot. These women used to set various trends to be copied by other women all across the world and thus became style gurus of that era. Their dresses, jewelry and every other associated article spoke a lot about their fashion and styling sense. They use to put a positive impression on the women of the other parts of the world.


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