Jewellery is an integral part in any Indian traditional occasion which involves women. The most important thing that concerns women before their wedding is their selection of jewellery.

When it comes to bridal jewellery there are endless varieties and designs to choose from and one can check waman hari pethe because they have a lot of designs and materials that one can flaunt in their wedding. Selection of bridal jewellery should always start once one decides on the traditional sari or the lehenga that they want to wear on the wedding day.

One also has to keep in mind that they should not pick some simple jewellery because it might not go well with the wedding attire. In the wedding day, one has to look special and so it is a good idea to go for a well crafted and somewhat heavy jewellery. One has to go for certain designs that can enhance the appearance of the bride on her special day.

When it comes to Indian bridal jewellery, it generally involves from head to toe. There is a maang tika that most women want to wear on her wedding day. It is a head gear that is mainly worn at the partition of the hair which mainly looks like a pendant that hangs from a gold chain. Now, this can be made of various materials and one can go for the stone studded ones if they want to make it look even more gorgeous. Apart from the maang tika, one can also go for some gold clips because it can give one a perfect appearance of a showroom model.

Then the bride has to go for a nose ring. This thing is a compulsory wedding attire in many regions of India and in some women just prefers to wear them on a special occasion. One can go for a traditional stone studded nath or a gold nose ring to complete the look on their wedding.

Then comes the earrings. This is something which is essential in an Indian wedding attire. The look remains incomplete if the bride does not wear a proper earring on their wedding. There are traditional big and golden jhumkas that one can wear and it suits almost all the face types. One can also go for designs where pearl or gold chains can hang from the back of the jhumkas and it gives one a very elegant look.

Finally comes the necklace. Without a gold necklace on the bride, an Indian wedding is incomplete. One can also go for a necklace set which comes with matching big earrings and that can be worn on the special day. The necklace also has to match the bridal attire because this is the statement piece of jewellery that everyone notices on a wedding.

Bangles can also match the necklace and earrings and how many bangles one will wear depends on the personal choice of the bride.

One can check these varieties of jewelleries in waman hari pethe jewellers online and then select.


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