Moraira is a small uptown which is situated 80 km from the north of Alicante and 100 km from south of Valencia. It has been said that Moraira was originally set by the fisherman they were in a great predicament in fear of attacking Berber pirates, and then the villagers further moved to inland and settled a village called Teulada. There was a large wall built to safe from the pirates and keep them out. Sections of the wall are still visible at present. As it was the close proximity to the coast, and fishing was played the major role in the history, at present now both the fishing and agriculture have the given green signal to the tourism industry.

 Moraira is actually situated nearby the resorts Calpe, Javea, Benidorm. One of the best property for sale in Moraira available at the reasonable price.

Property for sale in Moraira

Property for Sale

If you look at the map of Costa Blanca, you will notice this small town is sandwiched in these spectacular areas. It’s no doubt that Moraira can really overlook by tourist at certain points. For those who are looking for space in Moraira, this area is also known for Muscatel grapes for local wine making industry. In reality the vineyards and the citrus groves that covers the lots of landscape surrounding the town of Teulada-Moraira. It is a tiny Spanish coastal city, an old fishing that has become the part of the village of Teulada in the Marina Alta Comarca. The towns are 100 km south of Valencia and 80 km of Alicante

Property for sale in Moraira

A lot of home buyers seek the help of real estate agents for getting the best deal and hassle free. As the real estate agents have the insight view about the ongoing price of the property for sale in Moraira and how much demand of that particular area or the property. So, it is a very common thing to approach them for getting the insight view on everything. Off course real estate agents have the great knowledge for property in Moraira. You just need to spend some amount on real estate agents basically; they charge them some percentage of commission. Real estate agents try to analyse the need of the buyer or tenant and according to their limited budget they show them sorted properties.

Real estate agents in Moraira do not only give you the analysis of the buyers but also give you the list of property seekers and their point of view. So, the buyers and sellers get to know each other. Moraira is ideal place to buy properties. It favours the property agent in two ways firstly, they charge their commission on the property or secondly if they are able to satisfy the customers their reputation will grow and simultaneously their business will also grow.

So, you can imagine you are sipping the sweet Mascatel wine or the cool breeze are touching and passing you by the Riu-Rau’s. You smell the sweet citrus smells of the almond trees growing in the valley.


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