The DJ setup, historically, is said to comprise of two turntables, some speakers, and a mixer. However, modern technology and new technological innovations have been providing DJs with a plethora of choices to select from to play their choice of music. They can now make use of CD turntables, turntables, computer software or probably a combination of those. Each category has been described in detail in its own section.

Some useful dj equipment Perth

  • Turntables: They might probably like the ones which the parents used for playing records on, there is found no more such similarities. Several features are offered by DJ turntables which are otherwise not found on the regular turntable. Ability to decrease or increase record movement speed is one of the most important ones. It allows the DJ to match two songs’ temp, so as to blend them together perfectly.
  • Computer software: Few DJs are noticed to move beyond turntables to use software solely for the purpose of mixing their music. It is considered to be a new area within DJing. But this method is looked down by those older DJs. Some of the well-known DJs playing solely with software are Ableton Live.

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  • CD Turntables: They are CD players to play regular CDs. But it allows the DJ to have the tempo of any song changed, in a manner to mix it with the other. This type is preferred by the majority of the DJs across the globe since it allows them in using CDs instead of vinyl.
  • Mixer: There is a minimum of 2 audio channels that can connect to whatever is being used for playing the music. It allows the person to have better control every song’s volume. It also is known to have faded, allowing the DJ to fade between one song and the other. Furthermore, music is controlled by the DJ using Mixer’s EQ. It can help to decrease or increase the song’s specific frequencies, its bass, mids, and treble. Sound can be mixed smoothly using proper level adjustments.
  • Headphones: What every DJ requires playing good music is a pair of good quality, professional headphones. The old Walkman headphone types are no more in vogue. The professional types can offer increased volume along with sound separation that is required to follow the mix. Headphones are used by the DJs for listening to the mix on the mixer’s separate channel, which is not being played over the speakers. It allows the DJ to have their mix sounding to be in good condition, prior to playing it before the crowd.
  • Cartridges: It is also popularly known as Needles. These will be required if turntables are being used. They are said to attach to the turntable’s tone arm and slip itself into the vinyl record groove easily. The vinyl gets translated into sound. If worn out and old needles are being used, then the records are sure to be damaged, and the emitted sound is likely to be horrible.

The above are the few types of DJ equipment that find itself in common use by the DJs across the globe.


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