Are you planning to throw a party? Do you want to invite your friends and have a little fun? In that case, we have got you covered. To make your party a total blast, we have found 10+ amazing giant inflatable ideas that you should definitely try. Okay, so we know what you might be right now. Inflatables are for kids, so how can you use them for your party? Well, it seems like you were wrong. Of course, inflatables are for kids, but they are also for adults.

You might have seen giant inflatables at the malls and at the parks, right? Yes, that’s exactly what we are talking about. But there are so many other kinds of inflatables that you are not aware of. No worries because we have mentioned them all in this post just for you. So, scroll down and know about the 10+ amazing giant inflatable ideas that you should definitely try.

  • Giant inflatable bowling set: If you want to take the indoor fun outside, you can easily do it with giant inflatable bowling sets. They are bigger, they are better, and the pins are big enough to knock anyone down. (Wink-Wink)
  • Inflatable foam machine: If you want to keep a game in your party for both adults and kids, an inflatable foam machine is a great option. This machine is filled with foams and bubbles, and you will like it.
  • Giant Adrenaline Rush: If you want to keep up your party’s excitement level, you should bring a giant inflatable adrenaline rush for the party. This game is full of twists, and the cool maze-obstacles will drive your guests crazy.
  • Dance party bounce house: If you want to keep the guests on their toes, you can keep a cool dance party bounce house at your party.
  • Giant Hamster Ball Race: If there are giant inflatables that are our absolute party favorite, it is an inflatable hamster ball race. In this, you will get two giant balls and a race track.
  • Inflatable water slides: If you want to keep your party cool, you can do it by adding inflatable giant water slides. Your guests will love it.
  • Giant inflatable flamingo: If you have a pool and want your guests to enjoy it, you can bring a giant inflatable flamingo.
  • Giant inflatable shooting gallery: If you are looking for something adventurous, you should pick a giant inflatable shooting gallery for your party.
  • Giant pedestal joust: If you want people to have fun, you can rent a pedestal joust for the evening.
  • Inflatable foosball soccer game: If you are a big fan of the foosball soccer game, you can get this giant inflatable.
  • Inflatable goal challenge: If you are looking for some other interesting game, you can bring an inflatable goal challenge.


When you are purchasing a giant inflatable, make sure you always check their quality, size, and price.