Some names would immediately come to the mind – Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson who were true musicians and even today world listen to their songs and music. Artists who earn more money with “a few songs” than whole family tribes for centuries but who made it to the top of the pyramid? And what has all contributed to this? You will be surprised that the music plays a more subordinate role when it comes to hard money. To check other celebrity net worth – visit the website

– Michael Jackson $ 350 million

Who would have thought? The King of Pop is the only 10th, although he has produced the most sold album in the history: thriller. At the height of his career, Jackson earned about $ 50 million a year, almost 10 years in a row. Added to this were extremely lucrative tours and advertising contracts. Perhaps the money went to his head because a series of very questionable investments began which finally led him to a debt of $ 200 million in 2003.


– Mr. Andrew Lloyd Webber $ 1.2 billion

Practicing and staging one of the older musical forms of the musical theater brought him the title of “Richest Man in Music History”. He is the creator of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Cats” and the “Phantom of the Opera”. He still earns every new release, filming, etc. of his productions through the “Really Useful Group Ltd.” founded by him in 1977 – a company name might not be more appropriate! This company organizes among others. Also independent, TV, theater and music productions, concerts and events and sells tons of merchandise of all kinds.

– Paul McCartney $ 800 million

Paul McCartney is considered to be the most successful musician and music producer in the world, but officially he is only ranked second among the richest and the most successful artists. McCartney has more than 25,000 copyrighted things, which will probably bring him some or the other bills. His wife Linda also left him $ 200 million. His success with the Beatles is bound up with sorcery but his fortune is not even close to our NUMBER 1.

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