Indian Railways use innovative methods for the betterment of customer experience. The vast network of IR compels the use of top-notch technology, and this includes increasing the speed of trains while maintaining cost efficiency. Superfast mail/express trains provide the solution to this dilemma. These trains are express trains that have a limited number of stops, which lead to an increase in speed. This ultimately reduces the length of the journey. 450 superfast trains commute passengers between prominent railway stations as of 2015. The ticket rates for these trains are more expensive than usual mail/express train rates.

Some superfast trains stem from exceptions. When another express or mail train service is available, some trains convert to superfast express trains. Sometimes, superfast express trains get converted to mail/express trains due to the unavailability of mail/express trains.Out of the 9 Delhi to Bangalore trains, the Yeshvantapur Duronto Express is a superfast express train.

Characteristics of Yeshvantapur Duronto:

  • The train travels between the Delhi Sarai Rohilla and Yeshvantapur Junction stations in India. It connects the capital city Delhi with the state of Karnataka.
  • It operates under the South Western Railway zone, and it’s the fastest train in the Bangalore-Delhi circuit.
  • This superfast train travels only on Mondays.
  • The train number assigned to the Duronto Express is 12213 from Yeshvantapur Junction to Delhi Sarai Rohilla, and 12214 in the reverse direction.
  • The train no. 12213covers a distance of 2367 km between the two regions in a time span of 31 hours and 20 minutes. The train departs at 11.00 pm from Delhi Sarai Rohilla on day 1 and arrives at Yeshvantapur Junction at 7.55 am on day 3. The train no. 12214 takes 32 hours and 55 minutes on its journey in the reverse direction.
  • It halts at Bhopal Habibganj station instead of the main Bhopal Junction railway station for 5 min. The train makes another short stop at Balharshah junction in Maharashtra for 5 min. A long halt of 15 minutes is taken at Secunderabad Junction, and a short halt of 2 min is taken at Guntakal Junction. All these stations are commercial stops.

Technical details and services provided:

  • The train halts at Nagpur Junction and Itarsi Junction, which are considered as technical stops. Even though there is significant improvement in track conditions and haulage, due to scheduled revenue and technical halts, there is a substantial decrease in average speed of the train.
  • With the advent of electrification of tracks and trains, this superfast express is hauled by LGD WAP-7 for the entire journey.
  • The Duronto Express’s speed exceeds 55 km/hr, just like any superfast train in the country.
  • The train has facilities of AC Frist Class, AC 2 tier and AC 3 tier coaches, to enhance the comfort of the passengers.
  • Food services are available, as the train also hosts a pantry coach.

This Duronto Express has made it possible to connect a major metropolitan city with the capital city, which increases trade between the two states. The change from two stops to 5 stops has led to faster and efficient commute between Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and New Delhi.


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