The literary world is an extensive meshwork, and each of those writers who have contributed even a little in this world is worth the credit. And when it is someone like Dan Brown, he is one of the most important of all living writers as of now. Even though it might sound too much of a hyperbole, going through his creations wouldn’t make you deny. The Da Vinci Code and Inferno being two of his most critiqued novels has given him the recognition in the literary fraternity and quite justifiably.

Haris Ahmed, a young engineering student, is also a huge fan of his works and he remarks the umpteen number of times he has gone through these two pieces. It is true that the critics have not left even a single inch pointing out all those inaccuracies that blur the genre between fact and fiction. In spite of all these criticisms, Dan Brown has succeeded in appealing millions of reader across the globe. Having sold more than 200 million copies in more than fifty languages is no less than a feat in itself.

Whether it is The Da Vinci Code or the Inferno, there is ample history, multiple secret codes, symbolism embedded in each of the paintings, and many more. All of these proposes one single fact, life is filled with hidden meanings in every object surrounding life, and it is essential to understand these implications to add value to life.

Haris Ahmed

Realizing the Value of Dan Brown’s Work From Haris Ahmed

Why does Dan Brown’s work attract millions of readers like Haris Ahmed? Why has the book been translated into more than half a century languages? Does finding out this hidden symbolism help one to pay off their bills? How far has the utility value been measured of these novels? But the literary world doesn’t bother about these mundane needs of life. In a world where poetry, myth and aesthetic value of literary is depleting every single day, where people hardly believe in face-to-face interaction and are into social media more, must consider finding symbolism once again.

So why is Dan Brown so unique? To find an answer, one needs to go back what T.S. Eliot has said way back. According to Eliot, both Dante and Shakespeare has already shared the modern world between them, and there’s no third one to claim his share. However, many in this world might have had the exposure to Shakespeare’s works, but how many have gone through Dante’s? Dan Brown attempted to bring this Italian poet to the 21st-century world with his Inferno which is inspired by Divine Comedy, a sheer brilliance by Dante.

A piece of literary work that has already influenced Hollywood movies like Se7en and music albums like Christian’s Inferno has got something in it. Read it once to open that chapter of life which would have gone missed otherwise.


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