Sharing notes online is a great way to collaborate with your team, to-dos, and tasks. And while there are many different services you can use for this purpose like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneNote, these services may not be the best option for everyone out there.

For instance, if you frequently need to share and edit your notes with several people in one place then Google Drive, Dropbox or OneNote is not the best tool. If you need to work on files at different locations then Google Drive isn’t the best option either as there is no desktop app that can help you manage your files from different computers at work and home. Or maybe you want to be able to¬†share notes online with people who don’t have a Google or Dropbox account and don’t want to create one.

Google Drive

Google Drive is probably the most popular online tool that can be used to share files and collaborate. You can create private or public accounts and share with colleagues or friends as a guest user. Each account has different access settings, but at least you will have the ability to view, edit and comment on all of your own files.

Google Drive also offers a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that allows you to access file from anywhere there is an Internet connection. The apps are well-designed, but feature a small set of useful features for viewing and editing. Google Drive can be used to share documents, spreadsheets and presentations that you want to control. If you need a little more flexibility with files or want the ability to view your files without any restrictions then Google Drive may not be the best choice for you.


Dropbox is another very popular service for sharing and storing files online. It is especially popular with people who don’t have their own domain name or web hosting account. Dropbox is a file hosting service that gives each user a small amount of storage space for free. You can increase your storage space by inviting people to help you fill out the folders.

Dropbox offers a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but it is much better to access files on the desktop. Dropbox’s apps are quite good with features that rival Google Drive and they even have a feature where text in uploaded images will be searchable just like if it was in a note or document.