¬†It is estimated that people use the platform every month; it is a powerful tool for businesses and connect audience the rise of Instagram its impact on mental health, specifically of likes and followers on users’ well-being. The importance of likes and followers on Instagram is overstated. For many users, the number of likes and followers is popularity and self-worth. This obsession with likes and followers has led to the phenomenon of “social media validation,” which refers to the need for constant affirmation and validation through likes and followers. Studies on social media validate a significant impact on mental health, particularly in young people study found that Instagram use was linked to increased levels of anxiety, depression, and self-esteem in teenage girls the pressure to gain likes and followers on Instagram to increased stress levels and feelings of inadequacy in young adults.

The constant comparison to social media contributes to feelings of self-worth and body image issues. Instagram criticized for promoting an unrealistic and unattainable standard of beauty, leading to body shaming and a distorted perception of one’s own body to maintain a curated and perfect image on Instagram is for some users. It pressure leads to feelings of stress and anxiety, and to perfect thefor their followers. Instagram likes and followers on mental health are individual. Businesses and influencers on Instagram for their livelihood also maintain a certain level of popularity on the platform. The constant engagement and validation are exhausting, leading to burnout mental health solution is to break from social media and limit their use of the pressure to create and maintain a perfect image on Instagram.

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Another solution is to promote a more realistic and diverse representation of beauty on Instagram. Brands and influencers’ platforms showcase a range of body types and celebrate diversity, perpetuating the unrealistic standard of beauty portrayed on The possible solution to combat the perpetuation of unrealistic beauty standards on Instagram is to promote a realistic representation of beauty on the platform¬†iDigic and influencers platforms to showcase a variety of body types and celebrate diversity, to counteract the narrow and unrealistic standard of beauty portrayed on the promotes a more positive and inclusive culture on Instagram, and support people in feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin. It is important to recognize that Instagram is an aspect of our lives and self-worth to build meaningful relationships and experiences in the real world and on social media validation for our happiness and well-being.