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How Overwatering Can Damage Your Golf Course?

How Overwatering Can Damage Your Golf Course?

Communication gap is a different thing that can completely paralyze your golf course. There are many other issues that can make it difficult to manage and maintain a golf course in the best playable conditions. You have a Toro golf course mower parked in your garage. You have every single Toro golf course equipment you need. However, if you are overwatering your golf course, you are going to find it hard to prepare the golf course for the upcoming season. Proper irrigation is one of the toughest situations a golf course superintended have to deal with.

Sometimes your golf course will get natural irrigation due to rainfall. Sometimes it is not in your hands. You have irrigated your golf course last night and now it has started raining. This is not the correct amount the irrigation your golf course need. That’s a serious problem.

There can be many other reasons for overwatering. There is always a fear of golf course getting too dry. This is the reason why superintendents often tend to keep it wet. Well-drained soil has the ability to tolerate overwatering. However, it also depends on the source of the water and quality of the water you are using for irrigation. Salt content is high in well water.

Overwatering is not good for the golf course, not at all. The putting surfaces are more prone to the effects of overwatering. There are many golf courses having state of the art irrigation system. There are some golf courses with a built-in weather station. However, if you do not have any such system in your golf course, a moisture meter and a proper water management plan can eliminate the need of a built-in weather station.

A proper water management plan is extremely important for the health of the turfgrass. Oxygen content in saturated soil is low. This can adversely affect the development of healthy turfgrass roots. This can also damage the turf grass. When the air temperature is high, the temperature of saturated soil is greatly increased. From the perspective of turf health and management, high level of moisture in the soil is not desirable at any time and in any instance. The only thing it can do is causing harm to the turf.

Overwatering will also increase the frequency of mowing. This becomes necessary to keep up with the increasing clipping yield. Apart from that, overwatering will also flush out the essential nutrients. You will have to invest more in the fertility of the golf course.

And no doubt it will leave an impact of the playability of the golf course. All golfers hate the soft playing conditions created due to overwatering. Driving golf carts on the overwatered golf course can also cause damage to the golf course.

Even when it is not affecting the playability of the golf course, no golfer is going to like the areas of brown grass. The solution is using moisture meters and preparing a proper water management plan.

Having golf course maintenance equipment is not all you need to keep the golf course in the best shape, proper water management is equally important.


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