If you’re crazy about car events, then the Bathurst 1000 championship is a must-watchevent for you. It’sthe most famous car championship in Australia, and many people have a massive craze for this championship worldwide. This championship is held annually on the Mount Panorama Circuit which is situated in New South Wales, Australia. If you’re crazy about car championships, then the Bathurst 1000 championship is made for you. This car event has 161 laps and 1000 km of the race, a perfect place for supercar lovers.

Now, the next event of the Bathurst is to broadcast in 4K quality on TV. It became the first ever car championship which is shown in 4K ultra high definition quality.The people who are crazy about this championship now have the opportunity to watch Bathurst 1000 on Foxtel Network.

This is the best step taken by the CEO of Foxtel because many people cannot afford the ticket of the Bathurst 1000 championship. Thanksmust go to the Foxtel Network for streaming the Bathurst 1000 championship in 4K.People can now get the best visual of this championship at home.

Watching the Bathurst 1000 on Foxtel Network is a better experience to enjoy the championship. This championship was first heldin 1960on the Grand Prix Circuit in Phillip Island.After that in 1963,it wasshifted to the Mount Panorama Circuit. Now, you can watch the Bathurst 1000 championship on the app in real time. The Foxtel Network is working on aproper way to give ultra-high definition streaming forthe championship on TV.

The price of the Bathurst 1000 Championship ticketstartsat AU$ 105 for the race day and goes up to AU$ 140 for the four days of the event. Buying the ticket will give you the full freedom outside the track, and you can watch the championship from your favorite spot. If you need a Paddock Pass, then you have to pay the AU$ 40 extra. The paddock pass access lets you visit the pit shop, garages, and most importantly, you can interact with your favorite driver.

The Bathurst 1000 is the ultimate car championship event in Australia, and many people go mad for the four days of racing from all over the world. On the Mount Panorama circuit, there are four stands where you can enjoy watching the championship which includes Grandstand 12, 1, 8 and 10. However, you have to pay more money for watching the race from these stands.


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