Have you recently bought a new puppy? If yes, then as a new puppy owner, you should be aware of your responsibilities of taking care of a new puppy. Giving your puppy right training and care is beneficial for a better growth of your puppy. So, make sure to avoid making mistakes when taking care of your pet. Like you cannot leave your little kid alone at home, make sure to not to leave your little puppy alone as a new puppy requires a lot of attention and care. If you have to go out of the town for a few days, you can hand over your puppy to Dog Kennel where dog boarding services are provided. But make sure to avoid a few mistakes while buying a new puppy.

Here are some of the things that you need to avoid strictly if you have recently bought a new puppy:

  1. Don’t point fingers and don’t get angry:

Similar to your kid, a little pup is unaware of what all is going on around him. But yes, a puppy can recognize that you are a parent or master for him. For him, everything is a part of the play. It is expected that he may chew or destruct anything that he comes across, therefore, showing anger or pointing fingers may make him feel confused and he would start doing what he was doing before. It is the age when your pup wants to learn new things, so, make sure you are training him in a right manner.

  1. Don’t give shower or bath to a new pup:

Are you going to adopt a new pup who is less than even 2 months? If yes, then you need to consult the breeder if you can give a shower to your puppy. In most of the cases, breeder denies giving bath to a newly born pup. The reason why bath or shower should not be given to a new pup is that they may catch the fever. Avoid letting your pup playing with different temperatures as the pup is already naturally warm. To clean your pup from dirt, you can give him a warm cleansing with a slightly wet cloth.

have bought a new puppy

  1. No heavy foods:

It can be possible that you would like to try out different food items with your new pup. And many of us have a myth that dogs are strong and they can digest everything they eat, but it is not at all true. Dogs are allergic to many foods and can take food according to their capacity level. When it comes to feeding your new pup, you need to follow strict guidelines so as to keep the pup fit and healthy. If you order food from outside, ensure not to offer that food to your pup. Moreover, avoid giving him bones as he may not know how to digest those bones in a right way.

  1. Don’t take him out on long road trips:

You may be excited to roam out with your new little pup, but you should avoid taking him for a long drive. A little pup may vomit, feel dizziness and stressed while travelling to a long distance. So, avoid travelling with your pup. You can avail Dog boarding services from some of the renowned Dog Kennel to keep your pup safe when you are travelling.

Make sure to avoid the things discussed above if you have adopted a new pup. If you are a working professional in Gurgaon, you can leave your pup to the Dog Creche in Gurgaon till your working hours.



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