As a pet owner, how can you say that your cats are physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy when you do not always visit the veterinarian, knowing that you can only communicate with the animals through their actions? Let’s say that you take care of your kitty by giving them food and shelter as well as spending some of your free time with him because you are also going out during the day to work and most of the time you leave him with other family members or care-taker. In this case, you cannot fully notice how the changes that are happening to him.

This means that you will never know about his condition if you are not going to see an expert and without someone who will check his health, though others may tell you that something might be wrong with him. But as a responsible owner, you will surely care about this, so you will bring him to the clinic for clinical tests and ask for treatments, which will depend on the health issues found. Your cat may be prescribed with medications that you can easily get from the pharmacy and he may also suggest you start taking CBD oil, which is naturally produced through a cannabis plant like hemp.

Again, this is not a hyperactive compound, so it won’t be harmful to the kitty and if you would like to find out more details about this, then you may visit web pages from anationofmoms CBD topics for your awareness of this supplement. I am sure that you have doubts about the extract after hearing the cannabis, but the ones used for therapeutic purposes are not coming from a marijuana plant, which is risky for your feline’s health because he may go wild and uncontrollable due to the euphoria factor. And then, your doctor won’t allow such negative effects because he also cares for your pet’s life.

How it Works for Felines

So how does this supplement works for your kitties, anyway? You should know that animals also have an endocannabinoid system or ECS just like human beings and this is composed of receptors that are capable of interacting with the CBD.

The functions of the body system can be regulated through the receptors, which are influenced by the cannabinoids. When this happens, the antipsychotic as well as the anti-inflammatory properties of the chemical compound will start working. Without the receptors, there won’t be interactions and the cannabinoids cannot deliver its benefits to the recipients, which is your dear kitty.

That’s is how your pets will be treated and relieved from pains, inflammation, anxiety, stress, aggression, and other ailments. Indeed, they are always sweet and huggable, but you should not forget that they may get sick, too. Therefore, try your best to see an expert for his checkups to avoid worsening his condition.

Anxiety and Stress

Due to the environment, health issues, catfights, and poor relationship with the owner, your fellow feline may develop anxiety and stress, which may affect them greatly. For example, if this ailment is moderately experienced then they could be grumpy, while prolonged conditions may result in weakened health or behavioral issues.

You should know that this problem may be amplified when not treated. So through supplements, the hormones causing stress will be alleviated. Let’s say that the receptors in the brain will help in regulating moods and neurological activities as well as other disorders – learn more from, understand your kitty’s condition.

CBD Oil Cat Treats


Your cats may like playing a lot and jumping or climbing high. When they land, they look too light and flexible. This means that they are physically fit, but this does not mean that they cannot experience joint pains. This might not be due to their activities, but it could be due to other illnesses or arthritis, especially when they are already old.

More than 50% of kitties experience arthritis after reaching the age of 6 and 82% of them suffer from such pains at the age of 14. By this time, it won’t be impossible for them to move actively, since they lack the energy to go back to their usual routines. But through natural extracts that activate the vanilloid receptor, the pain or inflammation will be reduced so their condition will be improved.

Attitude Problem

Maybe you are thinking that only human beings have attitude problems, but this is also true for your pets because they act grumpy, too. This happens when their hormones are unbalanced, the level of energy is quite low, or due to other unknown issues. So can you imagine how they look like when their mood is bad or when the temper is hot?

These issues must be improved by learning the root or cause, such as health problems, anxiety, stress, and other disorder related to their moods. They need to take supplements that can maintain the body’s homeostasis and this is possible through brain interaction that will make the receptor regulate the production of hormones.

Epileptic Seizures

It is very unfortunate to have kitties that are suffering from epilepsy – read this for more info about this condition, because to see him experience the seizure is heart-breaking. You can still accept this ailment when it just happens once but sometimes, it may attacks frequently.This occurs when the level of the electrochemical activity is abnormal. This means that seizures happen due to the damaged condition of the kitty’s brain.

In 2015, the American Epilepsy Society studied the application of CBD for treating epilepsy and seizures. According to the research conducted, this is effective because the frequency of attacks can be reduced by 45.1%. It is great news because the result is promising, so owners must be careful when giving their cats the oil treatment.

When the disorder is in the brain, it means that other functions of the body may be affected, too. It means that we also need to improve his condition generally by improving his immune system, strengthening his bones, and enhancing his mood or lifestyle. Treating such felines may take some time, but as his owners, you have to be patient and supportive by not only giving him natural supplements but to also try other alternatives that won’t complicate things.