Playing games will drive us crazy and forget hours. Few games are really mesmerizing such that you get addicted to it. Playing few games can be lively and it also helps you learn many new things. It highly improves the concentration power in a person.There are various categories and genres that are available. Few people love playing puzzle solving games which will make them feel like playing all the time. Few people love playing action or adventurous games which are thrill and energetic. Especially teenagers and boys love to play these adventure oriented games. When you take adventure category, you will be able to see numerous games available in the play store. Bully anniversary edition is one of the adventure games that has been downloaded by lots of people around the world.

bully anniversary edition apk Bully is an action or adventure game which is popular since from the year 2006. In this game you will have to help a guy who wants to study or learn in the academy. Where other students try to bully him and he has to fight against them and survive. It is based on some real school experiences where students under scholarships, or students who learn through welfare fund are being bullied.Student gangs in the school make the person or the hero of the game as their target. The hero of the game has to take part in fights inside the ring and defeat his opponents. It feels like being in a school for real as well as trying to handle with real time situations.

It is very easy to download and play on your android mobile as it is available in the Google play store app. The Bully anniversary edition apk has been developed with a high quality graphics such that the images are so lively. There are many interesting plots where you need to be brainy enough to handle those situations. You need to escape from those plots. There are many tiny games in this game, while playing you will have to play these mini games to continue. Also you can get advantages by playing these games online.


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