Once upon a time, the only way to listen to music was by playing vinyl or long playing records. It can be traced back to the 1930s and 40s when classic album singers crooned to the melody of a slow song. Given how vintage these are, naturally these are expensive, but they are worth so much because it costs a bomb when compared to regular recording. Other vinyl records are remarkably costly owing to their scarcity – and of course, the fact that many of the artists featured on original vinyl’s have now passed away, making them even more valuable.

It indeed is incredible to see how some inexpensively made records are today more valuable than certain pieces of artwork, even more so if they are in good condition. If you are someone who is a collector, you probably should make arrangements via a free Will template or solicitor to keep your collection within the family. That’s because LPs are a rarity these days and as a result, they are worth a fortune.

Here is a list of top vinyl records that are priceless today. This is an ode to classic record style for music and how these are insanely popular even today.

Record Spinning on Turn Table

The Beatles And Frank Ifield – $30,000

Given the colossal popularity and fan following that The Beatles had, it only made sense to start off this list by mentioning them. For enthusiasts and collectors it does play out in their favour if some of their work is more popular than others and this fun album does just that! It was the very last album of the Beatles by Vee Jay records before their contract with them was over. It consists of hits such as “Please, Please Me.” Given how rare it is, it comes as no surprise that it stood out quite starkly for Beatlemanicas all over and just a copy of it is valued for $30,000 in mint condition.

The Freewheeling Bob Dylan $35,000

This album was what truly defined Bob Dylan as an icon. This piece of work is extraordinary for how it smoothly melds his writing with his music which went a long way to establish his legendary image. It consists of classics like “Masters of War” and “Blowing in the Wind” and basically offers any “best of Dylan” compilation with ample of material on the side. It put Dylan on the radar and paved way for his incredible career and that’s enough to make any of his work worth a lot.

Till There Was You $102,500

This piece is considered as the classic that went astray by the Beatles. This was actually one of the songs they performed during one of their renowned appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show. However, many do not regard this album as compared to others mainly because it was not written by the acclaimed band but for the hit show The Music Man by Meredith Wilson. However, the band had fun performing the song when Peggy Lee set out to cover it. It was accounted as a special mini-LP with ‘Meet the Beatles!’ which incidentally was the record that made them a gigantic hit in the U.S.

Double Fantasy $150,000

The story surrounding this album is what makes its massively pricey. On December 8, 1980, Lennon signed a copy of “Double Fantasy” for a man named Mark David Chapman. A mere five hours later, Chapman shot Lennon on the steps of his house, a casualty that shocked and reverberated across the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the album went on to become a collector’s item, passing from one to the other before it was sold for $150,000 to a private hoarder in 1999. Its worth would have only shot up since as it showcases the very last autograph of a musician who was taken away, way too soon.

My Happiness $300,000

This song was recorded in the 1930s but garnered popularity in the 40s as it was pursued by bigwigs like Pat Boone and Ella Fitzgerald. The most unique rendition is perhaps from Elvis Presley as it was one of the two songs that he recorded at the highly praised Sun Studios in 1954. This LP was Presley’s first recording ever with producer Sam Philips who at once recognized the star in him. The vinyl seemed to have disappeared before the studio ever got the chance to showcase it as a part of their museum. In 2015, Jack White paid a whopping $300,000 at an auction. This tells us how anything performed by the “king” acquires a hefty price tag!

So, that wraps our list for vinyl records that are worth bazillions and gazillions. And if you love classic music as much as the rest of us, it is best to know about this. Who knows, you might end up owning one of these yourself someday or even could currently, you just might not know it yet.


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