If you have a flair for traveling and exploring new places and destinations then you must not miss out Bhopal. The charm and delight of this city of the Nawabs, Bhopal is a merging of luxurious types of tradition, culture, and art.  It is apparent that the city is advancing at a rapid pace but it still has managed to preserve its olden glories.

Swarming with Variety

This city is flooded with so many tourist destinations. You can find a great delight amidst so many diverse tourist spots here.it is important to know that Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and it is also one of the greenest cities in the country.  Similarly, if you are visiting Bhopal for the first time, don’t think too much about your stay. There are good hotels near Bhopal railway station available. Anyhow, just have a walk through some of the most enchanting tourist destinations of this city.

Upper Lake and Lower Lake

Bhopal city is beautifully nestled on seven hills along the banks of two amazing lakes namely Upper Lake and Lower Lake.  These lakes are unglued by an overbridge that is named PulPukhtaor Lower Lake Bridge.  These stunning lakes are not just a beautiful delight but play a role in supplying water to around forty percent of the population in Bhopal. Many people visit these lakes to carry out their picnics. The environment and environs of these lakes are absolutely majestic. Moreover, there are different water activities too at Upper Lake. You can enjoy boating and other water activities there.

Van Vihar National Park

There is a beautiful park too in Bhopal named Van Vihar National Park. It is a gem for this area and is located in the middleof city. The park is a retreat of greenery speckled across an area of around four hundred forty-five hectares.  This place is more like a zoo and it has the variety of animals that are orphaned, transported from places of Madhya Pradesh or have been exchanged from other zoos. The whole park is magnificent and has so many picturesque views. You can spot a huge number of shutterbugs, nature admirers and tourists at this place.

Bhimbetka Caves

Talking about Bhimbetka caves, it is about 46 kilometers from Bhopal and it is a World Heritage site.  The place underlines the rich history of Bhopal. The caves were discovered out of the blues in 1957-58 by an archaeologist.  The rock paintings preserved in the caves are full of panache and are rich in their existence.  Paintings and rocks are more than 15000 years of age.  The art and creativity here denote lifestyle of men of the historical epoch.  The artworks on walls and ceilings of these caves are unique pieces of creation. You can have an artistic and innovative time here.

Thus, there is no point in making assumptions; go ahead and taste the splendor of this city. Bhopal is not just limited to these few spots; there is a streak of diverse tourists destinations that will leave you pleased.


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