Graduation is that one day when you are finally done with the college life and are looking forward to becoming a proper adult and enter the work life. It’s a celebration of all the years of hard work that you have put into that college degree and finally achieving it. When a close friend graduates, the usual present that anyone thinks of sending is a bouquet of flowers with a personalized message on a greeting card. This has become cliché and these days, you can find a variety of different things that you can attach to the flowers as tiny presents.

Here are a few simple and affordable presents you can send along with flowers to your close friend on their graduation –

Books and stationery

Since they are going to be interning or working at a new place post their graduation, you can gift them fancy stationery and books that they can put to good use. These days, you can easily customize stationery online through various graphic designers who freelance and those who have their own e-stores and websites to shop from. You can also get customized books and stationery items which have TV series, movies, anime, gaming themes according to your friend’s preferences. You can give them a fancy ‘To-Do List’ book that they can use in their work hours to jot down things for the day.

Cakes and chocolates

This a simpler option where you send a box of assorted chocolates for your close friend along with cupcakes or a small cake with a personalized message. Websites that offer online flower delivery in Alwar also provide various options for cakes, bakery items, gourmet chocolates and other such items. You can easily order these online and get them sent to your friend’s address. Surprise them with their favorite flavored chocolates and their favorite flavor cake along with a nice bouquet of flowers to congratulate them!

Spa and salon vouchers

After the entire graduation and college life is done, your friend might need a relaxing spa day to destress from all the college and study workload. Gift them coupons and gift vouchers for a spa day or a spa treatment along with a bouquet of roses. A facial with a hot stone massage would be the best for a nice relaxation therapy. This might be a little expensive, so you can choose a certain amount of a gift voucher so that your friend can pick whichever treatment they want using the amount of the gift voucher.

These are some thoughtful gifting ideas that you can opt for when placing an order for online flower delivery in Alwar or any part of India. Most gifting websites these days have reasonable options for gifts that you can attach to the flowers that you plan to send. Book a nice present for your close friend instead of sticking to the old school idea of simply sending a bouquet of flowers. This will surely bring a big smile on your friend’s face!


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