The birth of the baby into the life of the couple can really be happy and a wonderful occasion for the entire family. This is the time to rejoice and celebrate the coming of the new member of the family and provide the small one with all the comforts that is required to grow. At the same time, the mother is also to be gifted with something special to thank her to keep the lifecycle moving and bringing god’s gift home. A better way to show love and affection to the new mother on her achievement and to enhance overall happiness is to present her with a flower basket.

Selecting the right flower basket

Flowers do have special meanings and can convey the intended message to the person if selected properly. Since there are varieties of flowers readily available in the market, organizing the flower basket can be really challenging. Following some tips can help the flower basket to be more memorable and cherishing to the new mother. One can also select the best flower delivery in Jaipur.


Useful tips to follow

  • Selecting the right coloured flowers: Blue flowers can well represent a mother having given birth to a baby boy. Pink can be just perfect for baby girls. In case, something new, unique and interesting is desired, then red coloured flowers can be selected for the boy. For the girl child, combination of purple and white flowers can be interesting. If still confused about the choices, then white flowers can be presented.
  • Type of flowers to be presented: The right type of flower is to be selected. One can choose some delicate, aromatic flowers. But, these flowers tend to have short life span. Hence, hardy flowers are to be selected that has an elegant look. Carnation flowers have soft appearance and delicate perfume. With traditional carnations, the gift can be spiced up by adding few fresh Gerber daisies. These do offer simple looks, however, are robust, good enough to last for more than a week’s time. Also, Gerber daisies can be found in different colours. Their price is moderate and can be an excellent choice for the new mother.
  • Including other gifts: The celebration can be enhanced further by including some other gifts along with the flowers selected. Some extras added is sure to make the new mother much happier and satisfied. The reputed online flower bouquet delivery in Jaipur does offer plenty of choices to make from. Among the extras, one can select balloons, teddy bears, nuts and raisins, health food, child and mother figures, etc. The gift can also be made lovable and attractive by including baby rattles, toys, picture frames having baby themes and others.

What to present the new mother?

The gift basket may come along with beautiful looking roses that are elegant and pretty to look at. Soft colours like peach or yellow can be just fabulous. It is necessary to know her preferences and tastes. Chocolates and cookies when added to the basket can make it all the more special and interesting.


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