There are a plethora of reasons why people may choose to uproot a tree, however, when the stump is not detached from the soil it is considered unsafe. Therefore, there is a huge probability that you would end up calling the professionals to get it removed which would definitely cost you double the price in Fredericksburg. Do you want to learn why detaching the stump is so important? Contact Michael Tree Service today for a reliable tree service Fredericksburg.

Well, if you do anything, is it not better to do it completely? Same applies to a tree removal, and the process should be thorough.

Tree Trouble

In some situations, a tree can be causing a huge visibility problem, preventing light and air from getting into your living area or simply pose a safety risk if it is in danger of falling apart anytime soon. Scenarios like this can prompt the tree to be removed as soon as possible.


Therefore, you need the services of a Fredericksburg tree removal company, but albeit most of the time in a bid to get it over and done with, we do not do a thorough job; and that makes us left with an issue – the stump problem!

Beware of Stumps!

Contrary to what you may think, most times a Fredericksburg tree removal services are not to be blamed for the stump problem, rather the homeowner who do not demand the removal of the stump at the initial removal process. What this means is that, soon after the removal they see the need for the stump to be gotten rid of. They have no other choice than to contact the tree removal services in Fredericksburg again to have the stump removed. This will further increase the cost of service. If the instructions were explicit and clear at the start of the process, you wouldn’t have to pay double.

Why is it important to remove the stumps, to begin with? Well let’s note a few reasons;

  • They remain an obstacle on the path of road users.
  • You have to admit that a cut stump leaves a very bad sight to the eyes and leaves the environment looking unkempt.
  • The visual degradation can affect the value of your property.
  • A cut stump can be a breeding home for insects and rodents of all kinds, generally spoiling the atmosphere in the home.
  • Because of the obvious obstacle it poses, children can trip and fall over if they play too close to the cut stump.
  • Funny as it may sound; a stump can regenerate and grow back into the tree you once got rid of. Obviously, you would have to pay again to have it removed.
  • In the case of deciduous trees, they have a tendency to always re-sprout. They can harbor insects. However, the cut portion of the stump is like a wound that would attract insects and spread infections.

These are more than enough reasons why you should get rid of the stump. Most importantly you want to guarantee the safety of people after completing a job, but you are leaving the door open to danger if you do not get rid of the stump.


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