Stanozolol is a type of anabolic androgenic steroid that aids bodybuilders and athletes in their quest for the perfect body. It was first used by patients who are suffering from hormonal conditions. This is also one drug necessary for hormone therapy.

Later on, it was discovered that this can also be used in helping you lose excess fat and have it replaced with muscle.

Its effectiveness can’t be denied. But just like any other steroid type being used, potential risks and side effects can be experienced. The side effects can range from normal ones to more negative types. The key to using the supplement the right way is a better understanding of all facets and effects. This includes the potential effects it has.

Cholesterol levels can take a hit. Too much of everything in the body is a problem. But there’s an even bigger problem when there’s too little of it. This is why it’s necessary to create the right balance of cholesterol levels in the body. The consumption of Stanozolol depletes the level of cholesterol to the level that it can be dangerous. Some people already have lower cholesterol levels that it isn’t good for them to take this supplement. If you’re sure that this is what you want to use, countering the effects can be done through consuming fatty foods and by stacking it with a supplement that allows you to gain lost cholesterol.

Testosterone hormones might suffer from this. One well-known effect of using this particular supplement is the suppression of testosterone. For men, this is a major problem since the hormone is what defines the manlier side of the body in a physical sense. Suppression of testosterone will mean a lower sex drive and lesser sperm count. For anyone, this can be alarming. If you are susceptible to Gynecomastia, Stanozolol isn’t a perfect choice for you.

However, this can still be used if there is proper the balance. Stacking it with testosterone-inducing supplements will even out the effects. And you will no longer worry about the negative side effects that this might bring.

Liver toxicity. High dosages will damage the liver. This is not just a side effect of the stanozolol but for every type of steroid out there. The strong chemical composition is something which can easily damage the liver and cause bigger health issues.

The regenerative properties of your liver are something that will help you during these times. But it can’t keep doing this forever especially when there are constant abuse and misuse of the said supplement.

The threat of hair loss and acne breakouts. The other side effects can manifest on the physical appearance of a person. While this might not be as severe as others, this can still become a problem. One effect could be acne breakouts. When there’s hormone imbalance, the chance for acne breakouts is even bigger. Others have to deal with early hair loss. Both of these things can highly affect the self-confidence of a person. Taking the supplement will affect each person differently.


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