ACL treatment is purely an arthroscopic procedure and arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure on a joint in which evaluation and treatment of damage is performed using an arthroscope or an endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision. In case of arthroscopic procedures, the recovery time is minimal. Hence, it is most widely and successfully being used.

Once the ACL tear treatment is been done, one constantly ponder about the duration of recovery, do’s & don’ts for faster recovery & several others. We will here answer some of them.

Pain – Even though ACL tear treatment is an arthroscopic procedure, small amount of pain will be suffered by the patient. Some techniques to lessen the pain of knee ligament injury are –

  • Use an ice pack on the knee to reduce swelling
  • Patient should take rest and elevate the limb above knee for a longer duration
  • Pain relievers should be used to numb the pain before it begins
  • Use crutches or walker for walking

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Wound Management – The most important aspect of care is to ensure that there is no wound infection, so follow the below steps –

  • Periodically apply new bandages to the wound to maintain cleanliness
  • Keep the wound covered so that stitches should not rub with clothes
  • Bathing should be strictly prohibited

Exercise Regimen – The doctor will give set of exercises to the patient which need to be followed thoroughly.

The recovery period for knee ligament injury patients varies. The initial two weeks will focus on reducing the swelling and enabling knee extension. After two weeks, with regular exercises for the knee, the patient may stop the use of the crutches. In the third month after surgery, the doctor after observing the progress of the knee may allow the patient to do light jogging. In some cases, after six months, the doctor may allow the patient to return to sports.

Recovery period also depends on which doctor you are getting your surgery done; these days people can find good doctor – hospital combination & book surgery packages online.

The most important steps to follow in recovery days is RICE technique which is –

  • Rest – Rest time is the time when your muscles get time to revive. So, it is prescribed that after surgery rest as much as possible
  • Ice – Application of ice is recommended in order to prevent the knee or wounded area from swelling. Some swelling is normal and even helpful for healing process but too much of it contributes to reduced motion of legs
  • Compression – Wear compression stockings or elastic bandage to increase the blood flow in the knee and to reduce swelling
  • Elevation – Lie down and elevate your knee above the body


As with any minimally invasive procedure, infection and bleeding are the common complications. Loss of motion is one another complication and can be avoided by immediate physical training.

Diet would be one important reason for major recovery as it provides with good amount of Vitamin – A, C and E and minerals like Zinc and Flavonoids.


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