In fact, most forms of headboards can be added to the platform bed, whether it is made from wood or metal. However, the measurements of height and width of beds are more essential to guarantee a great fit. Even the simple changes such as running a wood stretcher between the legs of headboard, brackets and drilling additional pilot holes for screws that might be essential to add headboard to platform bed frame. Also, the free standing designs and wall mounted headboards can ease this process even a lot. The headboards with built-in shelves as well as storage cubbies build a functional as well as impressive accessory to this platform bed. This form of headboard can greatly works double duty and offer a most convenient storage for reading the material and additional surfaces for decorative collectibles and items as well. The normal appearance of headboards with storage can builds them easy to integrate into virtually any decorating style.

Working principle of headboards with bed frames

Amazingly, the headboards are very simpler to attach to the frame of platform bed than a conventional frame. The brackets are compatible for adding a headboard or footboard to any smart base like 14 inches and not compatible with specific versions like 10, 12, 16 or 18. You can simply add a headboard to the entire smart bases by using a smart base headboard brackets. After that, you can attach your headboard or footboard via the openings in a bracket. Then, centre the upholstered headboard between a right and left side of a bed frame. However, these headboards can work exactly with the platform beds. You can simply add headboard to platform bed by using simple to use brackets. Make sure the frame might have more than one set of holes on frames, which line up uniquely based on the size of a frame.