Flavored candies have always been a favourite of everyone, be it kids, adults, or old-aged people. In India, there is a trend to eat candy after having a meal and every age group’s people enjoy having candy after the meal. But kid’s love for the flavored candies is beyond imagination. Everyone is aware of the fact that kids are fond of the candies because the taste of candies is tempting and candies come in attractive colors and shapes. So, kids get easily attracted towards flavored candies. Kids don’t only like to eat candies, but some kids like to play with candies. Adults too love candies but not more than kids. Almost every flavored candy manufacturer thinks about the children while preparing different flavored candies.

Here are some of the reasons that state why kids love fruit flavored candies a lot:

  1. Candies provide extra energy:

Since candies contain additional calories, therefore, candies offer extra energy, especially to those kids who suffer from lack of calories. So, after having candies, kids feel more energetic because sugar not only tastes good but also makes kids feel good.

  1. Sugar candies help in relieving pain:

According to some research, it has been found that sugar is considered as the natural pain reliever for the children. Therefore, a fruit flavored candy that is sweet in taste may help to relieve the pain kids suffer from.

fruit flavored candy

  1. Kid’s taste buds are strong than that of adults:

Although the number of taste buds in kids and adults are same, but because kids have a smaller tongue than that of the adults, therefore, flavour intensity in kids is much stronger than that of adults. This is the main reason that kids love flavored candies a lot.

  1. The craving of the mother have a great impact on food preferences of kids:

Babies usually have a sense of smell to differentiate between different flavours of candies. Therefore, babies like to eat flavored candies usually if their mothers ate those candies during pregnancy period. So, mother’s craving for something affects baby’s food preferences a lot.

  1. Growing bones build sugar cravings:

According to research, the growing bones generate some hormones that influence the metabolism of kids. Some of the metabolic hormones it generates are leptin or insulin that are somehow associated with the tongue and generates a craving for sugar.

  1. Kids get attracted to TV advertisements:

There are lots of TV advertisements that succeed in influencing and attracting kids. So, when kids watch the advertisement of flavored candy manufacturer on the television, he or she gets attracted towards that ad and blindly goes to buy that candy.

  1. Kids like vibrant colors of candies:

Kids fall in love with the different colors of flavored candies and the colors look so appealing to them that they not only buy candies for taste, but also for playing with them.

The above-discussed reasons depict well that the kid’s love for fruit flavored candies is incredible. If your kid has a lot of craving for the flavored candies, buy flavour candy India from ShadaniGroup that is the best flavored candy manufacturer in India.


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