The outbreak of COVID 19 has changed so many things for us. From the way we attend schools, we meet our friends and relatives to the way we attend our official meetings now. Everything is becoming dependent on the online world. All the sectors are using different online meeting software to facilitate the new normal of human life. Technology has undeniably made things so much easier for us. For better technical functioning, every company opts for managed services provider (MSP) or managed services.

Even before the COVID scenario, many corporate companies were using professional communication software such as Microsoft Office or Microsoft exchange email to send and receive professional emails on a regular basis. If you work on your mails quite frequently, you would know about the storage space scarcity faced due to the inbox’s constant pinging. For this purpose exists the hosted exchange email. For those of you who aren’t aware of host exchange, it is a system that clears storage space with a third-party application. It connects your data such as inbox, outbox, calendar, etc. on a server that saves your data. Hence, whenever you log in with the same account, your data would be automatically available while not taking much space.

Hosted exchange email

What are managed services?

These services refer to an external party that takes care of the organization’s technical structure. Managed serves to ensure the smooth functioning of the technological work. It usually works on-demand in the situation of an issue. This assistance is generally worked on thorough a contract that allows monthly payment or payment on demand. A managed service provider helps the organization’s technological cell to remain up-to-date. Moreover, the professionals also suggest measures to employ cost-effective technology that solves the purpose in the best way. Other services include connectivity and bandwidth, monitoring of network, managing storage of desktops, enhancing mobility, and data backup.

How did managed services come into the picture?

Managed Services Providers were introduced in the year 1990. The main focus of this invention was to enhance and facilitate the way of distance or remote working. Over the years, this means the MSP focus diverted from remote working methods to monitoring and managing servers. The use of MSP was vast at that time. This includes the management of a mobile device, administration of remote firewall, and managed print. Managing services have been widely used by the private sector and had a bright future in government firms.

In current times.

However, as now, the majority of formal settings are shifting to other means of cloud meetings. Hence, the Managed Service Providers are facing problems. According to a recent survey, it was found that this transactional problem could result from a lack of knowledge about recent cloud technology.