Investment is perhaps the birth right and responsibility of every individual who earns, because this is what is going to pay them back when they have to stop earning. Making an investment is not an easy job due to numerous varieties of schemes available in the market. It is hence that some kind of assistance should be sought instead of attempting to make an investment all by yourself.

The most crucial thing while making an investment is to make sure to read and understand it’s every term and condition. For this too you might require a hand; and in this case you should definitely consult experts in investments like Bob Stefanowski who is also the chairman and manager of the North American and Asian fronts of the 3i Group of international investments.

You could invest in the various kinds of funds or you could seek the help of an investment bank to do the same. It is here that you will find an investment banker; the work of an investment banker is basically to help interested individuals make their investment so as to be able to raise capital for some other investment.

These bankers are instrumental in assisting clients to sell their equity or issue their debts. The client could also seek assistance in any sort of merger and acquisition from these investment bankers. It is the absolute responsibility and duty of this kind of banker to keep his client updated and informed about any other and new kind of investment opportunity that may be suitable to the interests of the client. It is thus noticed, that when the market of capitals is doing well, the investment bankers also do the same owing to the revenue they collect from their activities.


Often a large company looks out for bond financing in order to build a larger company; in simpler words when a company is looking to arrange for funds, it is the investment banker who can help such individuals. The government too, at times may be in need of financing for the construction of an airport, some municipal project, or highway; at times like these the ideal person to get in touch with is an investment banker who will help raise capital for the cause instantly.

The investment banker takes the entire headache of arranging for funds right from planning the issue of the bond, to fixing the price of the bond in a way that there is enough demand of the bond, to working with the issuer to make sure the bond is issued and at the end selling the bond too.

In case of equity financing too, an investment banker is the ideal kind of help for anyone. The work of underwriting deals has to be done by this banker of investment as it is he who is arranging capital markets financing for the clients. Understanding the seriousness of the situation an investment banker, as would agree Bob Stefanowski, helps his client raise the capital through private placements.

Among the other functions of an investment banker are Mergers and Acquisitions and Conflict of interest. It is true that these investment bankers’ act as the financial advisory intermediary who helps his clients raise capitals.


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