Living alone after a certain age becomes difficult or rather is very much impossible for a person to cope with. Certain amenities make this retirement phase an easy and comfortable time to spend alone too. These amenities definitely prove helpful to the elderly and the senior citizens and pave a way for them in a positive manner. Housing complexes specially built for the elderly must have these amenities as a compulsory must-have thing.

Some of the amenities are listed as below:

  • Human Assistance to the elderly or senior citizens

Senior citizens and the elderly people need someone to even remind them to take their medicines on time, have proper food and go to the toilet without spoiling the floor. This means that human assistance is needed at all points of time and must be given for the safety and security of the elderly and senior citizens.

  • Proper housekeeping and other related facilities

After a certain age, people tend to need someone to look after their house and do the cleaning stuff. Senior citizens and old people tend to react more to the whims of the nature and thus want the house to be more neat and clean. This is why they need more of the assistance and help from the able bodied. Regular and day-to-day housekeeping is a solution for many problems.

  • Easy and handy transportation facility

Senior citizens and old people must have easy approach to the transport – be it for the emergency visit to the hospital or else just going out to the nearest departmental store. They should have a vehicle ready to take them wherever they want to go at what point of time without any waiting. Thus Alan Naul Javelin Group is building such kinds of housing societies and making it a common trend to be followed by others too.

Alan Naul Javelin

  • Health Centers and Assistance of health professionals

With the passing age, senior citizens need more support from the health professionals to avoid all kinds of emergencies and accidental injuries. They are in the need of wellness programs for the overall development and well being as ill health could affect every aspect of the body, thus making them weak and incapable to look after them. In fact they need a place or a location wherein they can meet and practice yoga and other forms under the expert guidance of a health professional.

  • Recreational and Entertainment Activities for diversion of the mind

It is not that the elderly and senior citizen have nothing to do in their life and they too wish to be vibrant and lively. They love to meet people and do group exercises or enjoy them to the core by visiting various places or cooking different items. They too need places wherein they can spend happy hours of their life, enjoying and doing fun.

Commercial real estate developer and firms like Alan Naul Javelin Group are investing their money in the housing societies and complexes for the elderly and senior citizens as it is the need of the hour and gaining popularity in the present times.


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