When it comes to commercial areas such as hospitals, kitchens, and restaurants, we know that these are the highest consumers of energy. Within this space commercial refrigeration plays a crucial role and takes almost 30% energy. If you are wondering about how to save on electricity, then there are definitely some of the most practical ways in which you can do so. 

Here Are Some of the Top Tips That Will Help You Save Energy in Commercial Refrigeration:

#1. Take a look at the doors: If the doors are misaligned or gasket is torn then this may result in the air leaking from the refrigerator. The energy will also be wasted due to the malfunctioning automatic doors, and damaged strip curtains. Make sure that you carefully check the gaskets and seals on a regular basis and keep them clean and replace them as and when necessary. If you are not sure as to whether the air is leaking or not, it is best to take professional help in this regard.

#2. Regularly clean the coils: Condenser and the evaporator coils get dirty over time and needs a proper clean up. If they are not taken care of on time, then it will block the airway which will lower down the efficiency as well. The dirty coils will also result in major maintenance issues and this could even result in compressor failure which is a major expense. This requires some efforts to be made on your part which ensures you a long term results for your commercial refrigeration.

#3. Keep space for circulation: Location plays a key role in witnessing efficiency of commercial refrigeration. The heat builds up in tight spaces, so you need to strategically place your units. If they are not placed well, the units will work more than the required amount and will only increase your energy consumption. So, make sure that there is an adequate space around the freezer and the fridge that you are using in a commercial setup, and don’t forget to place them away from the cooking equipments.

#4. Check the charging of gas: If there is lack of refrigerant then, this would create more strain on the compressor. Take a look at the appropriate measurement that will show you whether it needs refilling or is enough. If you have a doubt inthis regard, it is best to involve the experienced professionals into this task and get the gas refilled if there is a need to do so.

#5. Vacuum the back regularly: If it is a busy kitchen, then it will accumulate and attract more dust. So, make sure to keep it a practice to pull the unit away and vacuum the area to clean all the dust accumulated therein. This helps to pick up any filth that is collected on the condenser. Clean coils help to pull all the heat away from refrigerator which helps to control energy costs in the long run.

As you consider all these steps it will help you to take the right decision for your maintenance needs and conserve energy in commercial refrigeration. As you start conserving energy in smaller aspects of refrigeration, it will help you notice that small steps in different aspects let you save energy and also a lot of money in the long run. All that you need to do is to take the conscious steps for taking care of your commercial refrigeration and everything else will start falling in place. Make sure that you hire experienced professionals to help you with the above tasks so that everything can be handled smoothly.


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