People have different opinion on the insurance for any vehicle. Insurance is a must and it is very helpful in the time of need. Some people think that taking insurance for new car is valuable but taking insurance forĀ used cars in montclair is wasting their money. But that is not the truth the insurance is important for the both types of car without any difference. Let us see some more such myths which people have.

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  • Many people think that the process of insurance is very complex. But the reality is that it is very simple process. You can complete the process seating at home. You just need to login to their website and fill in few details then they would be receiving the quote on how much amount has to be paid. If you want to add on some other covers than you can just put tick mark against it and little more steps your insurance is done.
  • For renewal the process is way easier with some insurance companies where you just need to upload or send the picture of your existing insurance. Based on the details in the picture they will send you the new quote for the renewal.
  • Some of them think that it is risky to transfer from one insurance company to other as they will be losing on the no claim bonus. But the truth is you can claim for the no claim bonus from anywhere.
  • People also think that car insurance covers only in case of accidents. But the truth is that the insurance covers losses caused by natural calamities such as floods, earthquake, tsunami etc. It also covers the damage occurred by the humans like terrorist attack, theft, riots and any damage done while transferring the vehicle.
  • Another myth the people have that they have to play the complete expenses from their pocket in case of accident and later he has to go through the long process to claim it. But the truth is that you will be given the complete reimbursement even in the case when you have paid already or did not pay.


Make sure you have the insurance done for your car before you face any problem.