Choosing the right theme and a fascinating color palette for your big day is supposed to be one of the most stylistic and creative decisions a couple must make. The theme and the colors would be setting the tone for each and everything associated with your wedding right from the venue, décor, & attire to the invitations. You must, therefore, choose a theme that you truly love.

Remember romantic, graceful, and beautiful weddings leave behind everlasting memories and just like any other couple, you would want the most special day of your life to be unforgettable for your guests and for you as a couple. Giving a particular concept or theme to your wedding seems to be the best way of making it appear and feel stylish, chic, cohesive, and professionally managed.

Choosing the right wedding theme would involve taking into account certain factors such as the couple’s personalities and tastes, the mood, and the vibe you wish to generate for celebrating the most awaited occasion in your life. The following few questions would help you in finding the perfect wedding theme that is a true reflection of your personality, mood, and lifestyle.

When Is the Wedding Taking Place?

In which season are you having the wedding? Is it going to be a winter, summer, spring or an autumn wedding? Although you may not pay too much attention to the time of the wedding, it is of key importance to you. For instance, if you are getting married in winter, you could choose warm colors featuring dramatic dark tones like deep burgundy and emerald green. These are supposed to be the ideal colors for the frosty winter nights. You could have a classic gorgeous wedding theme or a winter wedding could be a nice theme in itself. As opposed to a winter wedding, a beach wedding theme could be the best option if you are getting married in summer, while a spring wedding could be nicely complemented with pastel hues and vibrant bouquets.

What Is Your Style? Do You Have a Fascination with Anything Special?

You may consider taking stock of the kind of outfits and accessories you usually love to wear. Note down your everyday style and you would soon start visualizing the fashion trends and colors that appear striking to you. You could safely use these preferences into your overall wedding theme. Are you having any obsession? Is there a specific style you are passionate about? Are you regarded as a highly fashionable couple? Are you fascinated by vintage fairs? Do you like bold vibrant colors or do you love neutral and pastel shades? All these questions must pop up in your mind while choosing the best wedding theme.

Do you mostly have black clothes in your wardrobe? You could choose ruby and black combination for your wedding décor and choose a black wedding band in alternative metals such as tungsten or titanium. These wedding bands come in bold colors and designs. They are quite chunky and automatically steal the show as they are a class apart from the conventional wedding bands. Browse through for a broad spectrum of wedding bands in a host of smart and pocket-friendly designs.

Have You Done Enough Research?

Even if you have a general idea of what you are looking for, it is always a wise move to start approaching your wedding theme with practically an open mind. Browse the Internet and devote a lot of time exploring the Instagram or the Pinterest boards, wedding magazines, and wedding or bridal sites to see the different themes that you could choose for your most special day. Research could help in broadening your horizons and you may approach the wedding theme issue from a whole new perspective.

Do You Need to Demonstrate Your Personality?

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that your wedding day is something personal and really important to you. You must organize the event according to your personal tastes, unique requirements, personality, and the nature of your relationship with your life partner. It is a really personal affair. Whatever theme you choose must demonstrate your personality and must be appreciated by the guests as a translation of the desires and dreams of both you and your beloved.

Must You Consider Your Wedding Venue?

Whether you have already booked your wedding venue or you simply have a sketchy idea about what sort of venue you are looking for tying the knot, it is crucial to keep in mind that the season and the setting are the key components of your wedding theme planning. If you are planning to get married in a grand home during summer then you could think in terms of an outdoor and rustic theme. If you are choosing a city location for your big day you could opt for real cosmopolitan glitz and glamour.

Your wedding venue must be the source of inspiration for your wedding theme. A nightclub is regarded as a low-light venue and you cannot use black and white or other such colors as theme colors. You have to use vibrant colors so that the place is illuminated. In a beach-themed wedding, the focus must be on silver and blue colors to complement the theme. You may take inspiration from your venue and its surroundings to choose a theme. You may determine all the natural elements that could be working together as a robust foundation for your wedding day theme and styling.

What Kind of Mood Are You Trying to Create?

If you are very cool and have a truly laid-back attitude in life, you must opt for a cool and relaxed theme for creating a peaceful vibe. You may choose a beach or a Bohemian theme for creating a truly relaxed and natural ambiance. Are you looking for a stunning and gorgeous party for your special day? An Art Deco or a gorgeous contemporary wedding theme could be the best match. Understand and determine what kind of mood you would like to generate for your wedding party.


Thanks to the Internet today, you may have an access to numerous wedding themes. Moreover, these themes are accompanied with their own lists of Dos and Don’ts. It is critical to remind yourself that it is your most special day and that you are not going to appease somebody else. Follow your heart and stay true to your feelings.


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