Train journeys are inevitable. At times, we have to see the cheap cost of it and use it instead of flights. Especially when you have a long train journey, like more than 10 hours, you will start to get bored. Sometimes, when with friends, train journeys can be quite fun but while alone it can get a little frustrating. Sitting in a small space for a long time with complete strangers can be intimidating as well. So, what to do on these train journeys?

Here are a few things you can do.


Books are great companions on long journeys. They indulge us in stories and feelings that are otherwise difficult to indulge in. One good book can give you great company and amazing pass time on a long train journey. These books need not be great novels or spell-binding stories, they can be something as simple as a magazine or short story.

If you are a fan of Kindle, then you can use that as well to read books. The advantage here would be that you can carry several books and switch between books as and when needed.


Believe it or not, most people believe eating is a great way to pass time. Many travellers buy loads of snacks before entering a train so that when they get bored, they can just snack on something. But, this is not a great thing to do if you are looking to control your weight.

Train Journeys

These days, you can even get delivery of food in trains for small amounts of money. In many train stations, you can get the food delivered. This food is often more tasty and healthy than the food you get otherwise in trains.

Also, you get sellers in the train itself who keep travelling between stations with packets of food which you can consume when bored.


These days we all have smart phones or tablets that we can use during the duration of train travels. One thing to remember is that you will not get internet connectivity in most rural areas, so you will have to deal with using your phone in an offline mode. Of course, if you run out of charge on your phone, you can recharge using the train charging sockets.

If you are not travelling alone and have friends travelling along with you, then you will be able to play many other games that do not include cell phones like hand cricket etc.

Make Friends

Train journeys can be good ways to make new friends who are travelling to the same place you are going to. Since you are pretty much spending hours together in a small space with strangers, some chit chat would not harm anyone.

Therefore, now you have learned a few things that you can do on a train journey when you start to get bored. So, do not worry if you are travelling somewhere on a long train journey. Face it and know that you will not get bored!


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