Situated at a height of 2510m above sea level, Kufri is a small hill station located at a 10km distance from Shimla. With its beautiful locales, serene ambience, and picturesque views of dense forests and deep valleys, it is the ideal retreat for nature lovers. Activities like hiking, trekking, camping, horse riding, go-karting, tobogganing and skiing along the snow-clad mountain slopes make it a great adventure spot. Nature Park, housing 180 species of fauna and situated on the outskirts of Kufri, is a major attraction for wildlife lovers as well.

Places of Interest in Kurfi:

Apart from Shimla Tour Packages, here are some must-visits of Kufri:

  • Mahasu Peak: The highest peak in Kufri, is great for taking a short trek through the thick forest of deodar around it. You have to reach it on horseback considering the muddy path. It offers the panoramic view of Kedarnath and Badrinath ranges on a clear day. Mahasu ridge is an ideal spot for beginners to practice hiking ahead of hitting the rougher slopes in Koti and Fagu village nearby. The Nag Devta temple makes for the pit-stop.
  • Fagu: Surrounded by apple orchards and overlooking the Giri valley, Fagu is famous for skiing in winter. It also makes for a great picnic spot during summer. Far from the hustle of the crowd, it has a rest house and a tourist bungalow situated at the very top. Peaceful and quiet, you can enjoy short pony and yak rides here.


  • Charabra: A 3km long trek from Fagu, it offers an exotic view of the Great Himalayas and cedar forests. Situated between catchment area of the Yamuna and Satluj River, it is densely wooded and part of the Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary. The Retreat Building, Hem Kunj, Kalyani Helipad and Wildflower Hall Hotel are some of the major attractions of Charabra.
  • Chini Bungalow: One of the prime attractions of Kufri, Chini Bungalow is flocked with visitors throughout the year. In addition to its supreme architecture, design, and statues, it also provides a spectacular view of the mountain ranges.
  • Kufri Fun World: Situated 2800 meters above sea level, this amusement park has the world’s highest go-kart track. Equipped with a number of joyrides and a renowned canteen, it makes for a great holiday destination for adults and kids alike.
  • Indira Tourist Park: Close to the Himalayan National Park that houses about 180 species of birds, the Indira Tourist Park offers good atmosphere, good food and coffee, a calm and serene ambience and an extravagant view of Kufri.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Kufri?

The ideal time to visit Kufri is between April and June, in the summers. You can also visit it between December and February if you want to enjoy skiing and snowfall.


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