You can land up a job in Australia without sacrificing on your growth. In India once you finish your studies and start working, you’re stuck. There is no scope for development and growth except for scattered promotions just to get one post on top of the other. It’s very difficult to gain worthwhile experience in India because everything you’ve learnt tough through your books is very different when you come to the corporate scenario. No book in the world can help you and no job experience can give you tonnes of exposure along with money unless you’re an MBA graduate in India.

However it’s different in Australia and a number of people choose to migrate there and seek permanent residency later on. Here is why.

immigration policies

  1. Countries like the UK and US have strong immigration policies that render a lot of people jobless. There is such a tough competition in those countries only the students studying the STEM fields can opt for OPT. However the scenario in Australia is completely different. The immigration policies are lax and jobs and trainings are easy to come by because they suffer from a shortage of skilled workers.
  2. The cost of studying in Australia is not as high as USA. There isn’t a significant difference between the two, however unlike UK and USA where part time jobs are actually hard to come by and their rules for working when it comes to foreign students are strict, in Australia it’s not quite so. You are allowed to work 20 hours a week to meet your daily expenses.

Things you must keep in mind:

  1. For an immigration permanent residency australia, it’s important you know that you study the Skill Shortage List. This list tells you which skills are needed in Australia and Permanent Residency is directly based upon that, because let’s face it. If you’re not contributing in a productive way to the economy of a sector, why should they let you stay in their country?
  2. There is complete transparency when it comes to Permanent Residency. However, since it depends on how many jobs there are available in a particular sector with skill shortage, permanent residency cannot be guaranteed.
  3. If you are keen on living in Australia, make sure you do a market survey. See which skills you posses that can help you build a future there. Take the help of a job market survey agency if needed. This skill shortage list gets an update after every 6 months. Keep a very close eye on it.

Permanent immigration to australia from india can be difficult or easy. It’s the way you look at it. If you plan on staying there, be prepared for a struggle because no developed country will hand out jobs to you in a silver platter. You may not get a work visa or become a permanent resident at the first try but if your goal is to earn back your parents’ hard earned money, don’t give up so easily.


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