Google Pixel original smartphone last year was so good that you can easily forget about the rumors that are starting to run around its heir, Google Pixel 2. Of course, these rumors are not so much. Most leaks runs around the new iPhone or Galaxy smartphone. But about Pixel 2 is something inaudible.

Two models of Google Pixel 2

According to the resource, initially in the development of two models were Pixel 2 with code «Muskie» names and «Walleye». Later, however, the model «Muskie», which was to be a great model, has been canceled. It was replaced by a model code-named Taimen. It is expected that Taimen will be even larger smartphone than canceled «Muskie».

Six inch Pixel 2

According to the obtained resource XDA, the largest model Pixel 2 receives 5.99 inch display with a resolution of 1440p (2K).

According XDA, smaller model Pixel 2 (Walleye) receive a more modest display. Its diagonal will be 4.97 inches, and resolution – 1080p.

Differences in design

Google Pixel    2

The development of two versions of Pixel 2 are engaged in two different companies – LG and HTC. This can lead to the fact that the major and minor smartphones can have significant differences in the design.

According to rumors, larger model device will be a premium segment. The device will look expensive and will differ tiny frame around the display. Probably glass insert on the back panel will be present in the design and Pixel 2, but it would be proportional to a little less.

Rumors about the two different manufacturers are not groundless. Suffice it to recall, for example, the previous Google Nexus line of devices. Nexus 5X smartphone designed LG, and Nexus 6P – Huawei.

Top processor

Both devices will be equipped with top processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Recall, this chip is used in such flagship 2017 as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5.

Source also mentions the 4 GB of RAM. It is not clear whether this will be the maximum amount, or sale will be present also the version with 6 or 8 gigabytes. Recall OnePlus flagship 5, released recently, is as much as 8 GB of RAM.


Pixel chamber 2 must be magnificent. If you believe 9to5Google, the camera should become perhaps the most important element of the smartphone, which is built around the rest of the architecture. According to rumors, the Google is developing some innovative system that allows the camera to capture great pictures in low light.


Back in October of last year 9to5Google Editor Steven Holl said that “water-resistant nature definitely be one of the chips Pixel 2”. Let’s see if it will come true prediction.

Announced in October

Expected release date of Google Pixel 2 – October 2017. Recall, the release of the first Pixel is held in October. However, there may be as small deviations from the schedule. About new products prices so far, but taking into account general trends in the market, it is hardly a big version of Pixel 2 will cost less than $ 700.



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