YouTube is a video sharing website which is owned by Google and designed by PayPal employees. The videos present in the website are uploaded by individuals. There are many video sharing websites but the popularity of this website is because of its unique features. The other websites upload videos themselves. There is no scope of the users to upload anything. YouTube is a user friendly website. You just need a YouTube account to perform the activities on the site. You can view any video, or any show that you have missed and you can watch movies too. It is available from any corner of the globe and round the clock. Other than the individuals, few TV channels including BBC, Hulu and Vevo provide few of their content to YouTube. The features of YouTube are viewing any video online, uploading the content which clears the terms and conditions, high quality pictures, downloading videos and sharing of the videos. The user or the individual who would wish to upload videos can create a slot for himself which is called channel where the videos are differentiated based on the user.

Ability of YouTube Converter

There is a software program which is free called youtube converter online which is developed by DVD Video soft. For its user interface, it uses .NET framework and it is developed using C++ language. Using this software, the videos present in YouTube can be downloaded and converted in to audio. It is downloaded separately and it is a free program.  The audio from the YouTube videos is extracted and made a separate file. The audio can be in the form of MP3, AAC, ALAC, FALC, WMA and M4A.


This software is available in many languages other than English including Chinese, Danish, Portuguese, French, German, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian and many more. There is much criticism in the online market that this software enables the download of toolbar and web search engine without the permission of the downloader. We can watch out favorite videos from YouTube again on our personal devices; all we need to do is to get these videos into them. There might become sorts of hurdles when it comes to getting these videos from YouTube as compatibility of flash content is always an issue. Our devices like IPods or mp3s are not designed to cater flash content that well than as supposed to, which make up the content of websites like YouTube. So what not have something incorporated as a mediator that can convert the flash content from YouTube and can be easily ported to our desired device.


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