Nowadays, you see majority of people opting for online recharge services for recharging their mobiles. Online recharge is much more comfortable and can be done anytime and anywhere from the comfort of your home or even office. Nowadays, majority of the people are making use of online services for recharging. The process of online recharge is easy, safe, and fast, this is the reason why online recharge business is growing so fast. There are many online recharge companies that even offer you with the facilities of paying your Electricity Bill, Landline Bill, Gas Bill, and other daily utility bills. The payments can be done through different modes of payment like Debit Card, cash deposit, Credit Card, and Internet Banking.

Online recharge business

Top Online recharge companies of India

  1. Paytm: In 2010, an online mobile recharge site was founded named Paytm. The company has more than 20 million users who have been using it. One can get their recharge done from here or pay the various utility bills like that of landline, electricity, DTH, data card etc. They also have their app which can be downloaded to avail all the services.
  2. Freecharge: Freecharge was launched in 2010, now is a very popular and known e-commerce site. The basic and the best concept of this site is that it does Online recharge business in a different way. If an individual gets recharged, the amount they pay they get the same amount or less amount coupons in return. Many brands like Puma, Jet Airways, McDonald’s, Barista, Domino’s Pizza, Café Coffee Day, Cromā, and shoppers stop are associated with freecharge.
  3. Rechargeinsta: Rechargeinsta is a new startup of digital India that fulfills all the needs and requirements of the customers for all the payment and solutions of mobile prepaid, DTH, data card, utility bills and much more. It’s a B2B portal for recharge.
  4. Mobikwik: Mobikwik is also a known online mobile wallet where customers can save money and also get recharge done, make payments. Also, one can get payback points.
  5. Easymobilerecharge: Wondering how to recharge mobile phones? Easymobilerecharge is the most easy and safest option. The site also offers special discounts and offers that makes this site more preferred by users.
  6. Just Recharge It: A leading and famous brand for online mobile recharge is Just Recharge It. Its headquarters lie in Mumbai. The site has more than 4 million users registered under it. This shows that how famous and popular the site is among users.
  7. My Recharge: The website is ranked among the top online recharge sites and it offers services for both personal as well as business purpose. They offer with recharge options for mobile, data card, DTH etc and paying of utility bills be it electricity, water etc.
  8. EzRecharge: Like all others this website too is for providing the various online recharge facilities. It offers recharge facilities for all the cellular networks.

With all the above mentioned sites, one can get recharge at any point of time from any place. These sites are the best for providing their customers with online services and promoting mobile recharge business in India.


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