We explain why your TV set – and you – needs a DTH connection.

A DTH connection is the panacea to every kind of ill associated with faulty transmission and shoddy cable TV service that you have been experiencing over the years. In fact, you have suffered long enough with poor quality TV programming and transmission that your cable TV operator has been dishing out. It’s time to buy a DTH connection and enter the realms of fantastic TV programming.

From SD channels to HD ones (you can get access to HD channels when you buy HD connection) you can get access to a range of quality TV programmes that you want to watch, in the genre and language of your choice. This is at odds with cable TV programming, which offers a generic bunch of channels. You don’t watch most of them, but you do end up paying for them every month.

The DTH connection is an excellent complement to your expensive LED or plasma TV screen. Why subject yourself to grainy and spotty images, or frozen frames, when you can view superior quality pictures and surround sound? Not to mention, the best in TV shows, sports and films.

Wrap up warm and watch your favourite film…

The winter season brings with it a dozy feeling – you want to make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and plonk down on the couch. You invariably decide to watch a movie, so you start scrolling through the movie channels on your TV set.

When you have a DTH connection, you can quickly access your favourite rom com or action movie channels, and see the list of movies being shown. Each film also features a brief synopsis so that you know what you are about to watch. And if your favourite movie features on the list, then you can have a wonderful movie night by yourself or your significant other!

The best DTH connection – courtesy Airtel

Since you have never bought an HD connection before, we recommend going with a leading DTH provider who will not let you down. We are talking, of course, of Airtel DTH.

  • Airtel offers the best combination of factors that should swing your decision in favour of buying an HD connection from the company: attractively priced channel packs, the widest range of channel packs across all service providers in India, easy and hassle-free installation, easy purchase and recharge online, and excellent customer care.
  • Airtel DTH connections are seen to perform well even in rough weather. So, you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows uninterrupted even when it’s foggy or pouring with rain outside.
  • Check out the Airtel base pack for just Rs 292. It offers both SD and HD channels, and comes with a great HD setup box.


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