If you are a user of the Idea cellular network prepaid mobile services, recharging your number has become easy than ever before. We explain here the steps that you need to follow for Idea online recharge and have your number active and up and running in no time.

Step Number 1: use your laptop, mobile phone or personal computer to get onto the Idea Cellular online site or use on the third party website like Paytm, MobiKwik and other such top of the line recharge facilitators. You can also download the Idea Cellular Recharge App or the third party App onto your smartphone for quick and instant recharge from next time onwards.

Step Number 2:  Either register yourself or sign-in in case you intend to keep using the site for future recharges too. Or if it is a one-time affair, simply go to the next step.

Step Number 3: enter your ten digit Idea Cellular mobile number

Step Number 4: choose from different available Idea online recharge plans and top up packages.

Idea Recharge Plans

Each of the recharge plan will have a detailed mention of the facilities pertaining to data plans, voice calling and short messaging services (sms) or multimedia messaging service (mms) with validity periods clearly mentioned. Lastly look at the pricing or the e-top-up amount and the discount that is being offered, especially on third party websites and Apps. Use one of the plans that fits perfect with your requirement.

The third party recharge sellers also offer certain promo codes or cash back deal offers that are suitable for people who use these sites or Apps regularly to recharge their mobile. These offers are good pocket friendly options with the result that in the long run they help save a substantial amount of money.

Step Number 5:     Choose from one of your preferred payment options. Customers can choose from paying by credit card, debit card or online banking. The sites are all well protected and use secure payment gateways to keep your personal and financial information confidential.

Step Number 6: the last step in the Idea online recharge process is to click on the recharge or submit button. Within seconds or minutes you will receive a notification from Idea Cellular Network on the successful recharge and the amount balance in your mobile account. A similar message will show on the laptop or the computer from where the recharge activity was initiated.

A word of caution here! In 99% cases the recharge happens immediately with no reason to be apprehensive or in doubt. However, in 1% case it might so happen that the top-up does not happen at once and you might be kept waiting for the confirmatory message. In such cases, either the top-up happens but with a delay or it never happens. In the former, you will `receive a notification of the top-up after sometime. In the latter case, you will receive back the refund of the money in your bank account after a stipulated period of time.


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