An enormous Ransomware cyber-attack has hit the entire world. At least 45000 online attacks have estimated yet in countries such as India, Russia, China and the UK it might happen through NSA Cyber Weapons.

The horrible incident has left its impact on UK’s National Health Service (NHS) on this Friday, employees, and workers within in the hospitals have to leave their systems and also patients to shift to other healthcare centers.

Rumors are everywhere that, attacks have happened just because of “Cyber Weapons” routed to the United States and have to falter health centers in England and scattered within the whole world, according to some reports.

The security researchers with Kaspersky stated that thousands of attacks have infected almost 99 countries including major countries such as United Kingdom, China, Russia, Ukraine, and Egypt. Even few Spanish government officials claimed that the well-known telecommunication firm has hit badly.

From the very first day of the attack has spread to the United States and to South America, but European states have brutally affected, the security and malware hunter team stated that. Even the Russian interior ministry officials come forward and said, 1000 computers have also destroyed having malware.

The attack has covered plenty of space, instead of just targeting the one single place, chief security officer of Agari “Marks Jakobson said. The ransom money, in particular, is relatively less than the impact attack has made, he added. The cyber-attacks were random, it was not for some specific target, and he further said that.

Ransomware Cyber-Attack

 Previously the cyber attackers made the attack public and openly demand ransom money from the victims, those attackers claimed that the weapon which they have used belongs to NSA.

“The former employee of NSA Edward Snowden” who is living in exile in Russia said that, “only NSA is the responsible for all the cyber-attacks has occurred within the whole world.”

Ransomware attack means a malicious virus or malware which is capable of hacking the user data and after that attacker asks for ransom from the victims. The victims have to pay almost 300$ in order to retrieve its private data from the hackers.

It is reportedly stated that there are two types of software has been used by the attackers one was wanaCrypt and second one is WannaCry which can encrypt venerability in windows.

How to prevent from Cyber Attacks?

If the attacks can happen, then it is obvious, it can be prevented. All the users just need to adopt some best possible ways and tactics to avoid any kind of cyber threat. Let’s suppose being an employer and having a business firm or anything else which is running through digital networking, there are some following methods which would be best for all of you.

Passwords should be unique:

Having the unique password, it would be a tough job for hackers to hack the password along with the upper and lower case. The unique password also consists of random digits on your smartphones, computers, and laptops and on other devices.

Avoid using same Passwords for multiple services:

If you have more than one services access, they always need to use different passwords for different services. It would be difficult to bypass the passwords by the hackers having plenty of unique passwords. However, a user needs to use the password manager to remember a number of passwords.

Don’t use emails to send data:

It is very common that users are used to of sending their private data through emails. Therefore, it is dire need to confirm that the emails which you are using have genuine credentials or not. When users don’t bother to confirm the email, finally they got trapped and lose their identity and data too. So, unfortunately, they have to pay the huge amount of money in order to get their hacked data.

Use reliable software:

If the user is using the computer/cell phone monitoring software, then it would be impossible for scammers, hackers, and others to hack your private data from your electronic device. There would be least chances of becoming the victims of all the black sheep who are always on standby to theft you. TheOneSpy computer/cell phone monitoring software empowers you to avoid all cyber-attacks.

(OS) The operating system needs to be updated:

OS version of a computer/laptop/cellphone device needs to be updated, old versions of your device don’t provide you shelter from all cyber issues. Therefore, always make sure to update your operating system as soon as possible.


The Computer/laptop and cell phone spy software always protect you from all cyber threats. It has plenty of groundbreaking features which empower you to be a guardian of your electronic gadgets and make you tech geek having powerful monitoring software.


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