India is a land of celebrations. Any event small or big attracts a celebration. No celebration is complete without food. I mean we are a country of food lovers. Be it a cradle ceremony, birthday, a festival, or even day of results, the day you win a competition, the day you found your soulmate, got engaged, married, each of it is a day for celebrations. Naturally food follows.

More often than not, discussions about food start and end with the choice of cuisine and the place to eat or the restaurant or the chef/caterer, the number of items and most importantly, price per plate or person. Food was, is and will always be given the highest priority in our country.

We as a country believe in food to be something beyond just a means of sustenance. It is said the best way to honor a guest is to serve the best food possible. We are a country that believes in ‘atithi devo bhava’ meaning a guest is as good as god. Many of us have fond memories of home made laddoos or savories when it comes to remembering a visit to grand parents. In a country like India food is happiness.

Back then celebrations were preceded by series of meetings on deciding the menu, finding a cook, making list of groceries needed, procuring them at best of prices, dividing responsibilities to ensure every member of the family is involved and still not overburdened. Oh boy! It was one feat to get the food for a celebration in place.

Order food

Today hosting a celebration or an event is not a job left for days of discussions. It is pleasantly surprising to note that a celebration can be up and running in a day. In some cases, people hosting an event just go about their lives normally and arrive on the D-Day all decked up to greet family and friends to the event. No sweat at all to organize an event for such people. How is this possible? Do they have super powers or do they know some magic?

Yes and no are the answers for the magic part. Yes, because they, just like us have access to a smart phone with internet. No, because the food is not apparated, it is actually meticulously prepared by real people. Smart phones, the internet and food delivery apps are an amazing combination that makes planning an event possible without a fret about the food that is to be served.

One of best advantages of these apps is that you don’t have to stick to one cuisine. Multiple restaurants and multiple cuisines are delivered to one place. Order food online options have also eliminated food termed as junk the only possibility of outside food. Food apps help buy comforting homemade food. They allow the possibility of customization.

Food delivery in Bangalore is possible in less than 60 minutes. This has become possible for most app based food ventures. Similar is the story across many other places. Food apps have definitely made celebrations and life stress free.


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