Applications for web conferences that allow the facilitator to moderate a webinar or meeting with video and audio, ability to chat, electronic whiteboard, file sharing and even sharing the work desk are the order of the day. They provide opportunities to collaborate, online training and remote assistance. Many of these programs are expensive, but after doing a search we identified the following free web conferencing programs that are excellent alternatives to GoToMeeting and WebEx.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a free video conferencing tool that allows users to host online meetings or training for as many as 100 attendees. It is easy to use and participants can quickly join the meeting or training from the web based browser. This powerful web conferencing software has powerful features such as HD audio, video, text chat and free screen sharing, etc.

Elluminate vRoom is a tool for up to three concurrent connections. It allows users to access their own virtual meeting room (vRoom) where they can hold their conference over the Web using web cams, bi-directional audio, file sharing, chatting, using an electronic whiteboard and transferring files.

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Yugma is an application that allows the presenter to share his/her work desk with the attendees to demonstrate, share or collaborate on projects. The free version of Yugma allows conferences with a maximum of 10 people with an interface to chat. In the professional version, you can record the sessions, share files, switch presenters and buy the mouse and keyboard. The Skype edition integrates with the application to include the Skype contact list and uses VoIP (“Voice over IP”).

WizIQ is a web-based educational platform that allows instructors to have up to 25 students in a virtual classroom with video, audio, and chat. WizIQ allows you to share content, an electronic online whiteboard, and record sessions. It has a module that integrates with Moodle.

DimDim is a free open source program for virtual meetings. It offers audio and video and allows the presenter to share their desktop with participants. This application does not require installing any program on the part of the participants and can be used with a maximum of 20 people in the free version. It provides private or public chat options.

Palbee allows members to conduct web conferencing sessions with the electronic whiteboard, chat interface, document sharing capability and the ability to record the session. Presenters can hold conferences with five people with a maximum duration of one hour. You can also have prerecorded sessions ready to share.

Wyex is one of the best web conferencing tools that include the electronic whiteboard, audio and video, and an integrated chat client. You can share the work desk, take pictures from the screen and hold conferences with up to 150 people and conferences with twenty people in the free version.


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