Live chat in this digital world where maximum customers are found online has come as a huge help. It allowed the companies to sort our customers’ problems immediately and complete their shopping process, but along with the benefits for the brands, it brought some problems for the support agents.

In the market where live chat software is the only support tool used by the brands, agents are now in a situation where they need to be online round-the-clock. But this is important too if you want to acquire more customers in the online market. Businesses are still stuck with the traditional and old customer acquisition techniques like content marketing, SEO, and email marketing. There are only a few who understood the power of live chat software and added it to their website to turn visitors into customers.

If you are still thinking how online web chat software can help you with customer acquisition, here are five simple steps following which you can increase the number of your customers.

Awareness through chat invitation

In this competitive world where competitors don’t wait even for a second to grab your customers, you cannot wait for the customers to ask for the help. Rather, you should opt for inbound marketing and start a conversation from your end.

There might be chances that the potential customers are opening your emails, reading your articles but don’t take the desired action that is buying your products or services. If you are facing the same situation, it is the time you need to create awareness about your products to plant an idea in customer’s mind and direct them to make a purchase. You can do this by adding a live chat or check out for product link in your emailer.

Influence consideration through pre-chat message

Once you have planted the idea in your prospective customer’s mind, it is the time to start a conversation with them and give it the desired direction.

When talking to the customers live through web chat software, make sure you interact with them like a human being, not a machine. Keep your messages short, to the point and deliver them in accordance with the actions of your choice.

live chat

Help them make a decision through conversation

You shouldn’t wait for the customers to start a conversation and ask for the guidance to make a decision. Sometimes you can acquire a customer even with a simple chat to answer their simple questions. If you feel that the customers you are interacting with don’t like promotional talk, you can assist them by giving choices and making the selection easier.


Once you know about customer’s decision, next step is to convince them to buy the product. This you can do by addressing their purchase related queries through online chat software on your ecommerce store.

Have a look at the most common problem that deters the customers from buying products and provide them support before they ask for it.


One of the biggest mistakes many companies make is to consider that the customer acquisition process is complete with the purchase. One of the benefits of the best live chat software is that it helps you get not just buyers but loyal customers who are happy with the brand due to the support and whole shopping process. They know where they need to go when there is any question in their mind.

For a startup with a limited budget and human asset, live chat software is a good option to convert visitors into customers.


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