It takes a lot of perception to actually see through a person’s facade. But,  there’s an easier way of getting to know someone without having to pay a  private investigator to follow them around. Talk about the art of shoe-gazing! Shoes can give us a clue regarding someone’s personality or even their mood for the day. Bow your head and look down. Here goes :

  • Platforms

You love to be in charge and never shy away from responsibility. You are always first in line equipped with the self-assurance that you can intelligently make the right decisions and are agile enough to take action. People inherently trust you and tend to rely on your capabilities.

  • Sneakers

Perfect for your on the go lifestyle, your sneakers reveal your gregarious, athletic and organize personality. You value comfort over aesthetics and don’t much care about the expectations of society.

  • Kitten heels

Being born into the wrong era, you are an old soul.  Clubbing, dining and wining are not your cup of tea. For you, cuddling up with a good book, a cat contentedly purring at your feet beside the fireplace while Casa Blanca is on tv is what a great night is all about.

  • Boots

The demands of daily living cannot get the best of you as you are the epitome of “cool”. Your confidence seems to flow up from your sleek leather boots and people tend to give you the respect you so well. You are opinionated and want things done your own way, precisely the reason why you only rely on yourself to finish what you want to be done.

Shoe Off Your Personality

  • Heels

You reek of confidence and are not afraid to stand out in a crowd, in fact, you were born to it. Still, the height and thickness of your heels could give more details about who you really are:

  • Stilletos

You are your own boss and take your career seriously. You work hard and play even harder. Your stilettos will take you to greater heights both professionally and literally.

  • Pumps

You are a born leader who walks purposely in low heel comfort shoes Hong Kong.  Constantly in control of your emotions and the people around you. Men who are not as assured find you intimidating, thereby, are not too keen on getting close, so relax, your deodorant is working fine.

  • Flats

You will never outgrow your teenage obsession with anything and everything cute, the color pink included. You are sweet and charming as a button and men get attracted to you while their protective instinct works overtime.

Well, did this hold true for you? People adjust and adapt to the environment and the situations they are in. And, change being the only constant thing, you may change your shoes every day, even every four hours or so, depending on how you are feeling at the moment. Don’t ever be afraid to reveal your true personality. Go and grab more pairs at and let everyone know how your mood changes upon seeing the word “sale”!