Shoes play an essential role in the life of the kid for their safety in their environment. The environment is a combination of good and bad things, it make our kids to easily affect by any germs cause to disease. So it is very important to taking care of your kid’s health from foreign objects. Shoes for the kids make them safe but kids light up shoes makes them entertained and they love to wear shoes often.

During the night time the kids feel discomfort for going out because of the darkness. If light up shoes are with them they won’t fear to come out, it provides them the necessary light to walk in their own way like lawn or light less road ways. Playing in the darkness is unsafe way, if a kid wore that shoe on playing it makes the other kids to wear the shoe and the parents don’t need to get fear on the kids while playing in the dark.

Enjoy the fun with rechargeable Kids light up shoes.

The light up shoes is made of USB rechargeable battery for LED’S so they can enjoy unlimited fun. With every purchase of LIT LED shoes a charger is available for each pair of shoes. When it is charged for couple of hours it lasts up to 6 hours of use and they enjoy even it may be day or night. These types of LED shoes are available for kids, women, and men with different model, colors and specifications.

 As a child enjoy the freedom more than adult with lots of imagination. Get LIT light up shoes for your kid’s better enjoyment in their childhood days. When they use these shoes they are the talk of the ground and other kids stare at the shoes. In the night time if the kids wear the shoes it takes them the lot imagination with full of funs that they fly in the sky with stars or they feel like a space man. They can switch various colors as they like, provides light at the night and they can use inside the home.


The light up shoes for kids cannot wear the same shoes at all in schools and outside. For schools there are certain specifications available for shoes, each schools vary different color, model. They wear the shoe for regular school purpose after they come out they can wear light up shoes, which makes them to feel pleasant on outing with the family members or with


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