If you want to sell your old home, then the first thing that you must decide on is the price of the property. No matter how simple it sounds evaluating the price of a property can prove to be quite difficult. Homeowners looking to sell their house often mention that selling a house can prove to be quite complicated and no less difficult than purchasing a house. Moreover, the present economic condition and land appreciation rates have made it difficult to fix a particular price for a house.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Equity Bank, Minnetonka, Steve Liefschultz it would be best to hire both, a renowned financial advisor and a realtor, before you put up a price for your house. He believes that without proper expertise you may end up undervaluing your property. This will prove to be a bad investment. Similarly, if you over value your property, then chances of selling it at a premium will decrease. Thus, it is essential to put an optimum price for your property. For individuals, who are not acquainted with the real estate market, this process can prove to be quite confusing. Additionally, the price of a property depends on many other factors such as location, surrounding infrastructural facilities and the condition of the property as a whole.


Steve Liefschultz also mentions that with having an idea of the asking price, you should not consider selling a property. Sometimes it is better to first do a market survey to understand the price of similar properties in the particular area. This will help you evaluate the asking price of your house. Some of the steps that you should take to ensure that your house is sold smoothly are as follows:

  • The first thing that you should, do if you want to sell your house would be to hire a professional realtor. The real estate agent whom you hire would be able to help you fix the price and also interview the prospective buyers, before they meet you.
  • It is essential to evaluate the condition of the property. A well maintained property is bound to receive a higher valuation in comparison to a less maintained one. The realtor would help you in identifying some minor modifications or renovations that you can do, to raise the asking price.
  • It is important to advertise your property. You can list your home real estate websites, so that your house receives an exposure online.
  • While fixing the price of your house, it is essential to take into account the profitability of the deal. Ensure that you fix a price that is profitable for you, but within an acceptable price range.

Thus, selling a house can be simplified if you hire professionals to help you with the process. It is essential that you ensure that the entire process is carried out to the satisfaction to both parties. Finally, you should ensure that all the property papers are in order, so that the transaction can be completed smoothly.


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