Summer is not a good season especially in terms of makeup and dressing up. The scorching heat of the sun and the endless sweat make people so much tired that they do not feel like dressing up and going out to enjoy.

But yes, there are still some fantastic ways to do your makeup in summers if you have any party or occasion to attend. One can get a lot of tips from online websites as well, and if they want to make up tips in Hindi, that can also be found on these websites.

Here are some useful tips that you need to know if you want to put make up during summers and have to go out.

  • First of all, you have to get a proper base before anything else. Your skin is very important and so you have to be very careful on what base you apply. Take a base which completely suits your skin type, and for summers, an oil-free foundation is a must to be applied on your skin. If you are not sure about your skin type, first consult a dermatologist and then go for the base makeup.
  • After moisturising your skin, you need to apply a few drops of primer and make it even on your skin. This is very important in summers. Primers can really hold up the makeup, and it is not at all heavy or acts as an additional layer of makeup on the skin.

make up tips

  • If you are going out in the evening, then applying a bronzer can make your eyes look bright. This adds a bit of warmth to the skin. It is a good idea to apply the bronzer to the high points of your face like cheekbones, forehead, and nose. They blend in a natural way to give a very classy look to your face. If you want, you can also apply a bit if bronzer to your ear lobes and on the neck to have an even better outcome.
  • The fewer makeup items you apply on your face, the longer it stays intact. Overdoing it can spoil everything. Avoid your makeup to become greasy and clingy. Try to use a tinted moisturiser and a concealer when you need it.
  • In summers, try to avoid all the shimmers. Yes, shimmers can bring a lot of glow to the skin, but, in this humid weather, it won’t be able to add to the radiance rather it will make your face look greasy and clumsy. It will add more sweat to the skin and so it may become extra shiny which is not desirable.
  • You can use eye shadows during summer. Go for vibrant colours if you are going out in the evening. Do not go for eye creams but pick up an eye primer instead of it. Then apply a layer of powder over it. It will make the shadow stay longer.

To get makeup in Hindi tips, one can search on online websites.


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