Love spells are some of the most common magic spells. You usually have them helping to bring new love to life or to attract the ideal soulmate so that you can have a fairytale wedding. But then, there are love spells for specific person. It means love spells that will enable you to draw the attention of a special someone whom you are already aware of. Let’s say, you are smitten over the cute guy who just joined your class and you just can’t get him out of your head. You might have tried to Magic spells express your feelings to him but things don’t exactly look rosy here. Well, nothing to worry as the love spells for specific person will help you to direct the spell to your particular crush and you will have him coming to you in no time.

One such spell is the one that you do with fire. To do the spell, you would need fireproof container, paper, pen & red ink as well as some fragrant herbs. You have to perform the ritual at night.

Love spells for specific person

First, you will pour the herbs in the container and light fire in it. Then, cut paper (3 by 3”) and draw heart with red ink. Color it up. Next, you will write the crush’s name on that colored heart 3 times. While you draw the heart, color it & write the name magic spells on it, think of burning desire in his heart for you. Look at flames while visualizing the burning desire. Now, kiss 3 times on the names that you wrote on the paper.  Then, place the magic paper straight in fire and utter the spell 3 times. The spell would be like a prayer requesting the Gods to make your (your & crush’s) heart glow & shine. After you are done with the spell, sit down quietly while your paper burns and visualize your crush running straight to you. When you are done with the visualization at your heart’s content, put off the fire. Then, utter “let it be”, three times.

You can even try this spell on your lover. It could be that suddenly both of you are having fights for minor issues and love seems to be nowhere. If you feel like you are losing out l on the bond, cast this spell on your lover to reignite the lost love. In the same way, you can try this spell on your spouse when you are having problems in marriage. Marital life is a bliss but there will be times when you will feel nothing is working straight. If constant fights and lack of feeling are getting common in your marriage, count on this spell to bring back the magic in your conjugal life.

It might take some time to attain the desired result. Nothing happens overnight. Spells don’t have the power to turn the world upside down actively. Rather, they work to channelize the Universal energy in making things work for you. So, be patient and wait for your result.


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