Graha Shanti Havan  Puja is conducted for the purpose of bringing in peace. It is performed in nine parts. It is performed in nine part because there are nine planets and there should be a prayer for each one. The yagya which is performed is a perfect combination of the prayer to be done to all the nine planets for blessing our homes with harmony, peace and happiness. This Grah shanti puja at home requires the study of horoscopes of the main individual of the house. If any negative effects or doshas of some particular Graha are founded they can be cured by performing Grah shanti Puja online.

Importance and Significance of Grah shanti Puja at Home

The Grah shanti puja at home is first and foremost aimed at reducing and eliminating the negative effects of the planets which are not in our favor according to our horoscopes. These make life much more smoother and easy-going. The Grah Shanti Puja helps in creating harmony among all the family members who take shelter in the home. Major problems in one’s life are caused because of dosh which help in determining the levels and frequencies of harmony, peace, wealth and health in our lives. This Havan is very beneficial for spreading positivity all around in the environment.

Grah shanti puja

Benefits of Grah shanti Puja at home

The Puja is performed for enhancing the effects of all the powerful planets according to the horoscopes and simultaneously removing the negative effects of the weak and troublesome things. Its benefits are:

  • It helps in Cultivating and building healthy, peaceful and harmonious relationships between the various family members.
  • It helps in bringing mental peace to everyone around.
  • It brings Success in all the activities in which all the members take part in.
  • It brings good mental, physical, and emotional health among all the family members.
  • It helps in Spreading good vibrations all over in the Universe.
  • It helps in improving the good qualities and helps in doing away with all the bad qualities.
  • It provides you a sense of safety from the various calamities by offering you a safe and secure environment.

Occasions for doing Graha Shanti Puja and Havan

  • Grah Shanti Havan could be performed by anyone at any point in their lives and number of times. But whenever moving into a new house, this has to be done.
  • People might also conduct this Puja after renovating their homes.
  • This Puja’s main aim is seeking forgiveness from people who might have been affected negatively.
  • The Graha Shanti Havan Puja always helps in sending out positive vibrations to the Universe. It is performed as a yearly ritual by many people.
  • Even before a wedding is performed in a house, The Graha Shanti Havan is conducted for futher peace and happiness.

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