Expensive flowers, pricey perfumes, extravagant dinners, all these traditional ideas have become simply boring. Does the typical thought of celebrating your husband birthday evokes a feeling of blankness instead of excitement because you have been there and done most of these plans already? You have been together for a long time and thinking up creative ways to celebrate the birthday each time can be a tricky affair for you. This is where we have come up with the specially curated countdown of fabulous and unique birthday celebration ideas for his upcoming birthday. Go ahead and bring on the celebration already.

Excellent birthday celebration ideas for your dear hubby:

Plan for Karaoke night:

When it comes to letting all the inhibitions to go off, almost nothing can do a better job than a special Karaoke night. Arrange good wines, delicious foods, great company and sing in the birthday wishes for the dearest one of your life, your hubby. Don’t forget to play the favorite numbers of the birthday boy and you will surely have him dancing by your side. This particular gift will make your hubby feel like on a seventh heaven at the end of the day.

Organize a rocking boy’s night out party:

How about arranging a whole boys night out in your home? It’s a great gifting idea because you won’t have to worry about picking up the right tab or dropping people home safely. Ask all the male friends of your hubby in a room filled with beers, delicious appetizers and video games that your hubby loves playing. Your husband will definitely consider this as a heaven gift. Let him fully enjoy the party with his friends so that you can take care of the party plannings and executions.

Turn Your Hubby Into A Scavenger:

Remember the exciting treasure hunt game you used to play in your childhood, how about setting up one for him along with the same lines and codes? It’s a nice and exciting idea. Add some intelligent twists and adventure activities Make him work hard and keep some really gifts so that he can feel that all his hard works are worthy.

Plan For A Picnic:

When was the last time when two of you let your hair down for a simple coffee picnic? Why not whisk him away for a simple birthday picnic? Always choose a picnic spot which is away from the hustle bustle of the city so that you both can enjoy the fresh air, sunlight and watch your man turn into a little big boy. When it comes to planning for a birthday special picnic plan for the man of your life, don’t forget to order a birthday cake for husband.

Go For A Vacation:

Nothing can be a more delighting experience for the both of you than a nice vacation trip. All he wants to spend a lovely and cozy time with you and a vacation plan could be a perfect way to have that time. Make the vacation plan beforehand so that it can be a super-exciting and heart-touching birthday gift for your dearest man.

So it’s time to forget the blah and boring for his next birthday and choose any of these above ideas to make it a birthday to remember always.


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