When choosing a topic, the author was guided by the relevance of the issue of marriage and divorce in local churches. Due to the lack of education on this topic, there was a catastrophic situation when divorces became frequent, even in families of believers. Church members are easy to break the bonds of marriage and create a new union, not wanting to make efforts to preserve the family. Today, families of believers are experiencing a lot of temptations and problems caused by the influence of the sinful world and liberal theology. Unfortunately, even families of ministers are not insured against making wrong decisions and resort to divorce.

In all cultures of the world, the conclusion of a marriage union is a public and legal act and is open. Marriage traditions and wedding ceremonies are different for different nations, but they are all public and open. Marriage relations begin when a man and a woman decide to live together forever and legally, publicly expressed their desire.

Thus, marriage is a voluntary and sovereign union established by God between a man and a woman that is open, proclaimed, enshrined in legal and social norms, based on love and the desire for unity of spirit, soul and body, and in which man and woman enter in the closest of all existing human relationships. Thus, spousal support after remarriage is an expectation that must be fulfilled.

Thinking Practically

Theoretically it looks very correct, but the existing statistics testify to the frivolous attitude of people, even those who consider themselves believers, to the concept of marriage. By the end of the twentieth century, there was an increase in the number of divorces and a decrease in strong families, and this trend continues to grow. In the US, for example, the number of divorces in relation to marriages is about 50%, 3 with 29% being divorces between people who consider themselves Christians (Baptists).

According to the Internet resource “Today”, in Ukraine the number of divorces, recently, exceeds the number of marriages:

Looking at the Statistics

If in 2015 both the number of marriages and the number of divorces decreased, then in 2016 the trends changed. Last year, 229.45 thousand new families were formed in the country, which is 69.6 thousand less than a year earlier. As for divorces, their number, on the contrary, increased slightly – by 1.2 thousand. According to experts, such trends are related to the situation in the country.

Statistics on divorce frightening: up to 40% of marriages concluded in Ukraine, break up. By the number of divorces, our country ranks third in Europe, after Russia and Belarus. The peak of divorces in Ukrainian families occurs in the first years of marriage, from 3 months to one and a half years. Young families account for between 52% and 62% of divorces in the country. Some sociologists cite worse statistics, arguing that between 60% and 90% of marriages, in some regions, diverge within the first five years. And about 70 percent of children grow up in an incomplete family.


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